Thursday, April 26, 2012

He pooped on the POTTY!

Well, it may not have been totally "real", but it definitely happened!
I was upstairs putting towels away in the hallway closet and Jax was goofing around by me and suddenly took the "I'm pooping" stance. I asked if he was pooping and he said yes. I asked if he wanted to stop and finish on the potty, and he said yes. Um, ok, what the heck. I took him to the potty, took off his diaper (that thankfully didn't have a super messy poo in it) and put him on the toilet. I walked out and stood by the door and said, "ok, let me know when you poop on the potty!". Sure enough, about 1 minute went by and I hear a little voice, "I pooped potty!".

And by golly, the little man did.

We celebrated as if he had just won the Nobel Peace Prize! I told him to go tell Brady, so he ran downstairs and I heard him say, "Bubba, I pooped potty!". ::no response from Bubbers:: He was SO excited. We talked about it all day and night and Jason came home giving Jax just as much praise.

I have no idea if this is a nice little planted seed or anything, but it was so neat to happen regardless. I keep telling both the boys that they can go peepee or poop on the potty anytime they feel it. They both say, "OK", but I'm not quite sure if it's hitting home.

So yeah, I always have the odd ducks. A poo first. Isn't it always pee first, and a battle with the poo??

In other news, Jax has suddenly had a tough time with a few of his meals since last night. He is gagging and puking a bit, which confused me until I saw a nasty runny nose on Brady this morning. Ahh, Jax must have this cold and is gagging a bit. So tonight we went slow on the dinner feed and once he looked a little gaggy, we talked about the exciting potty, which diverted his attention, and we had him finish up with milk instead.
I think Jax will be doing more of his high calorie milk as a meal when he has colds until the gag reflex is better under control. We've been pretty lucky to go almost 3 months of complete health, so we can't complain about a simple cold. (knock on wood!!)

OH, and not to leave this post without bringing poop back up again (you're welcome)... I gave the boys a bath last night and Jax was yelling about poop. Sure enough, there was poop in the water and kind of all over. I drained the tub and got it all out and gave the boys a SERIOUS talking to about how poop goes in the potty (as I was scooping and pouring it in). Both of them said they did it, so I have no idea which one of them did it, but maybe that pep talk/scolding helped move Jax's big potty trip today.

And yes, you can believe that I texted Jason a photo of the piled up poo in the bathtub and asked how his night was! I'm a klassy gal.

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CJ said...

That's awesome! My boys did that one time too! It was just a big turd so easy. Haven't done it since, but just got the 2nd one pooped trained finally! I feel ya! It's sooo nice!! :)