Tuesday, April 24, 2012

School plan info

Brady had a good one-on-one therapy session today. I sit in all of them now and record any sounds/words that Brady says for the therapist. I realized that none of them are ever spontaneous except "dee dee" meaning "thank you". Although he does point to the signs on the board (like snack, or music).
The therapist, who is filling in for the therapist on maternity leave, said it took her a few weeks, but she thinks she's finally realized HOW to work with Brady since he needs work on the sounds of words. I told her I was getting nervous about the school year being done next month and Brady losing some speech services over the summer. I'm considering paying out of pocket, on top of current co-pays, to get Brady more through our private speech therapist. She mentioned that Brady may be a candidate for some summer help through the district, but it is for special cases where a student will lose considerable progress. She made some notes and said she'd pass it on. Hmm, we'll see where that goes, but that would be nice.

I got a call back from the district and scheduled the parent meeting for Monday. This is where I will discuss all of my concerns and then the district has to be sure to cover them with testing and placement. It's also a way for the district to make sure the delayed/disabled child is getting appropriate care at home - I assume much like how Medicaid would come to our home to be sure that we can not only care for the child ourselves, but to make sure we're not adding to the issue(s).

Brady's IEP testing will be taking place the 3rd week of May. I'm just waiting for the entire team to agree on a day/time that works with everyone. I think that Jax's "Early Childhood" (aka - special needs preschool) teacher (Miss Sue) will be attending as a consultant as well, but I"m not positive on that.

Jax's teacher told me after class today that Jax's IEP update is next month and she'll send a note home soon on open dates/times. Wow... that's a lot easier of a process than what I'm going through with Brady! I guess it makes a big difference if one child continuing services (Jax gets OT, PT, Speech and cognition work through a preschool class) compared to a child who is looking for more help or possible additional services.

So hopefully we have a plan in place for both boys by early June.

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Michelle said...

In california, legally summer speech services must be offered to a child with an IEP it they haven't met their goal on their current IEP. This is the first summer that Charlotte doesn't qualify... and while I was kind of annoyed, it was nice to finally have a goal met.