Tuesday, April 17, 2012

They complete me

I received a call back from the school district informing me that team has been put together to re-evaluate Brady and that I would be getting paperwork in the mail to sign and once that's received back, they'll set a date. My gosh... this is THE longest process in history. The lady (a different coordinator of something) said she hoped for Brady to be evaluated by the end of the school year and have a plan in place before he's 4, so we can be on a path to prepare him for kindergarten. (sigh) Clearly this woman is not privy to the conversations I've already had with the district coordinator. I think the original plans and coordinator will be in the evaluation and final decisions, so before I went all crazy and refusing to push Brady into 4k, I just left it alone.

I must say though, I'm very confused as to how an "early evaluation" is supposed to be helpful in any way. I mean, I waited for Brady to be in his school sessions for 6 months (actually I asked for extra help after 3 months and he did receive a one-on-one session for 25 minutes weekly), and now I'm going through this process. No matter what, Brady would've been re-evaluated for his yearly check, which is July, to be placed for the fall school year, so now he's what... checked in May for the following school year? What's the point? Now I'm shooting myself in the foot because instead of going through all of this once for both boys, I'm doing it once, and then again for Jax 6 weeks later. And might I add that it seems like there are a MILLION days off of school? Every single request gets pushed off so far because there seems to always be some reason for a day off. I mean, how many school days are there REALLY in those 9 months?

Anyway, I sat in Brady's speech session today and noticed how freaking cute this child is. I could be happy for the rest of my life with him riding in my pocket if he could fit. He is just such a loving child that he kept giving the therapist hugs and gigantic ear-to-ear smiles. He tried to sing and did everything she asked. You'd think a sticker was equivalent to a million dollars for the huge thanks and hug he gave. He got the sticker for finally understanding how to blow through a straw and making his cotton ball move (even with pools of spit everywhere). He screamed "YAY!!" Oh those dimples!
Oh man that kid is trying so hard. He may be a ventriloquist some day with how he speaks from his throat without opening his mouth :)

Whenever I pick up Jax, I park right up by the door, and now that it's getting nicer out, I roll Brady's window all the way down. Jax comes BUSTING out of the doors running and screaming. He leaps into my arms as if he hasn't seen me for a week and squeezes so hard. Now he always immediately pops his head up after the big hug and waves to the truck saying, "HI BUBBA!".

These are moments that complete me.

Notice the size/height difference in these guys. Brady's head is so big and is shaped just like Jason's! But yet Brady's hair texture is like mine and Jaxon's is like Jason's. They're always so opposite!

I don't care who you are, this is funny.
This was a photo that one of the speech therapists sent over from last month. One boy is missing, but notice how short MY bunny is in this photo - and he's my BIG one, ha! All of these boys are just sweethearts by the way.

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Kimberly said...

Really, how sweet are your boys!!