Sunday, April 22, 2012

Well rounded weekend

When I picked Jax up from school on Friday, his teacher told me that he ate a NOODLE! Say whaaat? She said they were eating "princess soup" and the noodles were soaked in broth and very soft. I assume they were small spaghettio type noodles. She thinks he swallowed it, rather than chewed it, but hey, it's a good step! She said he shook and clenched his eyes shut, but no gagging. woot!

We were up and out the door early on Saturday morning going to the Y, and getting some of those life-necessities done, like getting an emissions test on the truck (yup, I know you're jealous!) and getting coffee (yup, that's my necessity). We went to a second hand sports store to stock the boys up on t-ball supplies (we've been using our neighbors making sure the boys liked it), so they both got a helmet, glove and bat. Jax has an appropriate left handed glove now. The boys played outside the rest of the day and would get SO upset to come in for meals and snacks.

I had plans to get some food and a movie with Rachel, but with the way we talk, we missed our movie! So we rushed to another theater only to find out it was sold out - of course. So we got to my house to say good night to the boys and eat popcorn and malts while renting a movie off TV. The night shaped up!

Jason took the boys to the Y this morning again and then we all went to pick up groceries to make some lunch. We had a really fun afternoon at the Sharon Wilson Arts Center watching Seussical the Musical put on by the Brookfield Academy. The boys LOVED it and didn't move through the entire performance. We went to dinner afterward and I realized another new milestone. I pulled out a container of Jax's food while we were ordering and when we only ordered 1 kid's meal, we followed it up with "he has a special diet, so only milk for him". The waitress walked away and I looked at Jason and said, "you know she thinks Jax probably has food allergies... something semi normal!" why did this excite me? I don't know, but it feels one step closer.

T-ball basics

I had to capture this moment. Life is different grocery shopping with kids isn't it? Why is it that men are so cute in a scene like this vs women?

Getting ready with some Seuss books before the play!

Their first live musical play!

The boys were SO excited to give "The Cat" a hug after the play, but acted so shy for a picture. (I wanted to get a photo of them with this kid because he was SO talented and already has quite the little career going at age 15, ya never know!)

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