Monday, April 30, 2012

We've got this

I've had quite the day of phone calls and meetings about the boy's speech progress and summer school. It all kind of happened at once. I had a message on my phone from Brady's therapist while I had the boys at the chiropractor this morning. The therapist said that Brady was approved for extended speech therapy into the summer months from the school district. It was deemed necessary given the fact he would lose his progress, and his condition requires consistency to be successful. This is such a relief to me!

Then I had a meeting with the district psychologist at the house today to go over a questionnaire and to get all my concerns noted. Of course the boys picked this 30 minute meeting to have a massive fight with each other over a toy (that we've had for TWO years, so yeah, let's fight about it NOW) and I had to excuse myself and give Jax a time out. I couldn't help but laugh that the next standardized question asked of me was, "are you concerned about Brady's aggression being an issue socially?" haha, um no, but how ironic was it to have that fight happen when that question came up. Ohhh the irony.

The meeting went great, and I was told to wait for a call from the therapists and district coordinator who will be scheduling Brady's testing over the next 2 weeks. I saw that I missed a call during this meeting and it just so happened to be Jax's speech therapist (when it rains...). So, I called her back and then at that moment, the door bell rang (it was Jax's medical supply order for May) and Jax went running to the door and slipped. He fell and hit his head and started screaming. Um, hello chaos. I asked the therapist if I could call her back, picked up Jaxon and opened the door. Thankfully Jason was home working for the day, so he took over signing for the shipment while I helped Jax get over his boo-boo.

I got back to the phone call and it was VERY surprising. First of all, I haven't touched base with Jax's speech therapist at his school in awhile. Jax receives her services while he's in school, so I'm not picking him up from this woman, so it just works differently than all other therapists I've dealt with. Also, Jax has been progressing, so I've had no reason to call with concern, so I've been comfortable waiting for his yearly IEP meeting that is in a few weeks.

Well, the therapist called me to discuss the summer school option for Jaxon. She said that she doesn't think he would LOSE too much progress, but she feels that he is in the middle of emerging progress that in her opinion, needs weekly intervention/therapy to actually... emerge I guess, and he's at a very impressionable age where it would be best to do it now. She then mentioned that she heard Jax had an identical brother who was in speech. She asked how he was doing and she said she was going somewhere with this and she'd explain. I told her how Brady has been struggling and we're actually getting him summer therapy through the district (just confirmed today) and he'd hopefully be in Jax's preschool course next year. She said, "Here's the deal. Jax has a very clear case of a neurological based speech disability called Apraxia of Speech, and it can be genetic, so considering he has an identical twin..." I actually GASPED out loud at this point and she stopped talking.

She asked if I was alright, and I said yes, that it was just that I've been dealing with everyone telling me Brady was most likely Apraxic, but every time I researched it online, all the videos of the children sounded like Jax (did I ever write about that on here?). I never understood why all the examples of children actually spoke better than Brady, but REALLY sounded like Jaxon. I told her I felt validation and of course slightly overwhelmed. But ok. Processing it all... with as much perspective as I possibly can.

She told that me that there is always a chance that an Apraxic child will never fully gain proper speech, but it's a better chance that the child would. I told her we've beaten bigger odds than this - so we've got this :)

The plan is to get the boys two 25 minute sessions of summer school each week for 6 weeks between June and July. Then they will will have preschool start up in Sept with their therapy included. I also have their private therapy with Mr Nick (every week for Jax for feeding as well, and every other week for Brady).

I've got dinner in the oven and a pile of paperwork starring at me to do when the boys go to bed, so I'm really ready for this Monday to be over - whew!
Otherwise the weekend was nice -it was freezing outside, but otherwise, it was nice. Jason brought the boys to the gym and to the batting cages at a company his friend owns. We took the boys to Auntie Rachel's for a sleep over that afternoon while Jason and I went to the ARCW Make a Promise Gala. My friend Krista is the event coordinator, so it was a blast to see some of my friends all get together for a great cause!
The boys both have a cold that has me constantly wiping their nose. I'm pretty sure we've never escaped an April without a "spring-cold" yet! Ahh, but we were close this year!

My little transformers!

I got "gagafied" at the Gaga Gala.

Jason and I before dinner


Gaga impersonators doing there thing!

Mmmm, I think I will leave it to the professionals.

Some of the ladies!