Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Immunology blood test results

I get it, but I don't get it. Maybe someone here can give experience?

The doctor called me as I was putting the boys in the bath, so they were loud and running around pant-less suddenly. But the doc said that he passed the first part of the test (Omg, I feel awful because I don't know what part this was and can't remember if she even told me - I'm sure she did since she is extremely thorough).

But he did not pass the second part, but apparently it's no cause for alarm. She said they tested his antibody counts for immunizations and he didn't show the proper numbers for a child who has been immunized. Does that make sense? She said one of the immunizations that was low didn't really concern her since Jax finishes the series of it next month at his 4 year check up, so that may be the issue for that one (maybe MMR?) but the other one has been finished.
She said that at Jax's appt next month, he'll be getting an extra immunization (the one he tested low for, again, I suck and have no idea which one it is) and then 4 weeks later, we'll re-do the blood test.

I first thought after getting off the phone that maybe it was an oral immunization that he got as a baby and threw up some of it, but she said it was a booster, so that can't be it.

Apparently MOST kids with this issue show a good antibody count after a new round and it's rare to be low again. Although if it is, then we will go down the Immunology Specialist World road I guess. So all we can do is wait a few months since he gets his 4 year old shots on July 18, and then we will redo his blood work by the end of August to see if the numbers are all normal.

In fun news, Jax fed himself half of his own snack today! Brady wanted one of Jax's pudding snacks, which made Jax say "puddin peeez!" So I put him in his chair, opened the snack and walked away to get his cup for milk. When I got back to the table, he was feeding HIMSELF. Of course the spoon was heaping with pudding and he is super uncoordinated getting it in his mouth, but wow, I just let the kid go to town! He ate half of it and then he told me to SIT, so I finished feeding him the rest. He took a few bites on his own at dinner too (pureed spaghetti), so we're definitely going in the right direction! And the spaghetti was the consistency of a thick paste, so he's moving forward with texture as well - woot woot!

How awesome is this??

And this would be Big B with marker and stickers on his face!


shawna said...

You can call me and I'll explain it. Im on my phone and it would be a nightmare to type it. 972-358-8727.

Michele said...

Yes, I've heard of this. Not all immunizations "take", which is why we need boosters and we you need a high percentage of the population to be immunized - so that herd immunity can get you that last little bit of the way there to cover those who aren't immunized and those whose vaccines don't fully take. It's also why the elderly need higher doses of some vaccines - their immune systems aren't as good at mounting antibodies as us "yungguns". At first glance, doesn't sound too alarming (to me, a random person on the interwebs ;) ) and could explain some of the extra illnesses.

Kimberly said...

I know nothing about the immunizations not taking. But way to go Jax on feeding himself!