Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Uninvited Guest

It's not the best feeling in the world to be laying in bed and suddenly hear your garbage cans fall to the ground in your garage. Especially when the door is shut. Jason and I sat up listening to something in our garage on Sunday night - creepy!
Jason cracked the door open and saw our garbage cans knocked over with garbage everywhere, some wood laying on our truck and other things just basically trashed including the screen ripped out of the window. Then he saw it. A raccoon up on top of his skis, playing dead. He called me down and I snapped a photo. We made noise to try and get it to move, but since the garage door opening didn't even budge him, we just left the garage door open and left him alone.
He left at some point and we were left with the mess in the garage. I have no idea how that critter got stuck in there when I closed the garage door. That's what we get for living in a conservancy I guess!

See our new friend up there?

Playing outside today!

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Kimberly said...

How do we have so much in common?

We have been having them coming to our house. The suckers don't even move when I go out to the front of my house and they are 6 ft from me. They actually look at me and then continue to rummage through the trash. I made Marc throw a D battery at it last week. Yes I am that person. He has a taken a week long vacation from our trash while he heals from his wound. And no, I am not embarrassed. :)