Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ha-mm bur-mm dada!

Jason is finally "in" his thirties today, turning 31. Jaxon was so excited to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, which sounded like "Ha-mm bur-mm dada!" and jumped around like a kangaroo until he opened presents. Brady just wanted to eat the cookie cake, ha!
Otherwise, this week has been pretty standard. Brady cries unless he has all his guys in bed with him. He was rather upset last night until I realized that Capt America was under the couch and not in bed with him. Jax has been singing the Spider Man theme song (the 1960's cartoon version) every day and I NEED to capture this on video. He also does a cute Itsy-bitsy spider and Alphabet song, all of which you can catch maybe 1-2 words out of. All of these things are adorable and fleeting.

One NON-adorable thing that happened was Jax hitting me for the first time. I know I'm extremely lucky that my almost 4 year old has never hit me before, but it shocked me since he's never done it. He was extremely mad at me and and hit me with his fist. He was then even further hysterical when I marched him into his room to sit on his bed alone. I think he picked it up from Brady or watching some of the "super hero" cartoons.
Brady has done it off and on over the course of the past few months, and knows he has to take a time out, so there's many times now he'll put his fist up, we STARE at him and re-thinks and puts it down. Now... to get the boys to stop hitting EACH OTHER may be a lifetime goal.

Brady is obsessed with the cheese slicer.

I couldn't believe he was so willing to eat a salad, but I have a feeling it was because HE cut up the veggies.

Some pumped up little boys over a baseball cookie cake.

Boys outside being silly

Pure childhood right here.

Can you hear Brady saying, "cheeee!"?

Jason's birthday dinner - Brady decided he would ONLY eat with chopsticks, which means I basically fed him.

Jax and Jason watching the chefs light up their grills. (that's Jax's yummy pureed pb&j and it looks like he drank all his chocolate milk, but Brady traded with him after he finished his own)

A sparkler on Jason's birthday dessert! Jax is trying to blow it out!

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