Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Near death of a pillow

The boys had fun days at "school" yesterday. Brady did a lot of work with his mouth muscles with fruit loops and coco puffs. He has to hold the cereal in a certain position in his mouth and then make a sound. It's helping him to train his mouth. He loves the echo-microphone, and after about 10x, he typically can make the sound, so that's all coming along good.

I had to take Brady to the pediatrician to get his ears looked at. He still has his cold, which isn't a big deal, but he kept pointing to his left ear and whining or crying. Each time we asked if it hurt, he said yes. The doc checked him out and it turned out he did NOT have an infection. She said it looks slightly bulging, so he certainly can feel it, but no meds - yay! I brought the boys to the chiro on Monday for adjustments hoping it keep ear infections away from this cold, so who knows, maybe it helped.
Jax is still having some puke-issues during meal time with this cold. I had to put the highchair outside and hose it down after dinner. Blech.

The boys played outside most of the afternoon today and got completely filthy like little boys do!

I walked into this after being in the laundry room. I was SO angry I immediately sent the boys up into their rooms for a time out. Then I realized it was the stuffing from pillows that zip, so I was able to re-stuff and zip. Thankfully it was fine, but omg, WHY are little boys so curious?

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