Sunday, May 6, 2012


What a fun weekend for the kids.
On Saturday, Uncle Rick stopped by since he was down in our area for a basketball camp for cousin Kyle. The boys loved playing with him. We went to a birthday party later in the afternoon at Marshall and Cecelia's house. There was a big bounce house and the theme was super heros and tutus (I think it was called Tulle and Trouble - very creative). The boys got capes and masks and the girls got tutus as favors, how cute is that?

The highlight, other than the fun bounce house, was the pinata game at the end. It was so cute to see the kids line up for their turns and collect their "loot" at the end.
We went to our neighbor's house for a Cinco de Mayo party later that evening. It was so cute to see the kids all running around in sombrero hats. Fajitas and margaritas for the grown ups, mmm!
Today, the neighbor kids are at our house playing while Jason and their parents are doing a local charity run. I was going to play with all the kids at the park, but given the fact it's very wet outside, we decided to just play at the house while they run.

Once the kids are all bathed up and in bed tonight, Jay and I will be burning the midnight oil trying to get some more work done that we couldn't finish on Friday night. I'd love to start my Monday with a  bigger dent in that paperwork!

J, B and Mars as some capped avengers!

Mmm, look at the yummy cupcakes!

Yes, that child in front of Jax is taller at the age of 2.5. Jax is our little gnome!

The calm before the storm of basement that now looks like a tornado flew through it!

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