Monday, May 21, 2012

The Sicky Whisperer

Jax has the pukes. He got sick after each meal and snack, even when I only gave 2 oz. I called his feeding psychologist to consult what to do. We decided that I'd give him a little Zofran (anti-nausea) medication and give small doses of Pedialyte and maybe a little applesauce and hope it was just a bad tummy-day.
Jax took his first medication by mouth today! I wasn't sure how he would react, so I put a little water in a syringe and played "squirt the water in your mouth" game with both boys. Then I put the medicine in and told Jax it would TASTE. I put half of it in his mouth and he said, "MMM!". Hilarious (and it actually does not taste very good), so I gave him the rest and he took it just fine. I was SO excited that I almost paged the doctor to tell her, but decided she may not want to be bothered with that! The medication is water consistency, so the real test will be when he needs something thick like Tylenol.
Jax took a few tsp's of applesauce and a few sips of Pedialyte for dinner, but I don't think he liked the cherry flavor of the drink.
We realized he felt a little warm, but his temp was only in the high 99s, so now I'm thinking his GI symptoms are proving to show a possible little bug. I SWEAR TO GOD that Jax's gut is the Sicky Whisperer and tells us a day in advance before he shows symptoms of an illness. I'm not gonna lie... a small part of me is relieved to see him show an illness. The thought of him just puking for no reason like he did for the first 3 years makes me... well, I have no words to describe that feeling.
So hopefully Jax has a quick little bug. I mixed half his formula with Pedialyte and turned down his pump rate, so we'll see how he does with something in his belly. He had a nice warm bath and is in bed a bit early.
I have to get used to treating him like a regular kid if he gets sick. Just give small amounts of liquid and hang tough (knowing he pukes more than a regular kid). He isn't showing lethargy, cough, runny nose - he just got a little slower moving as the night went on and a very low grade fever that I didn't treat so I can see if he actually does get a fever tonight. We do still have that handy night-tube that I get to lean on, so that helps.

We had a nice free day today, and the boys "helped me" plant flowers, so they were quite dirty. Brady is pretty much obsessed with the hose and Jax was very territorial of the shovel. I will miss the days when these little guys want to help me with flowers!

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Anonymous said...

My youngest ate via g-tube for the first four years of his life and is now on a normal diet and sans-tube. He still gets the pukes before showing other symptoms of a virus and I know exactly what you mean--on one hand you feel like a freak for being happy your kid has a cold but on the other hand YAY, AN EXPLANATION THAT DOES NOT INVOLVE BACKSLIDING!!!