Sunday, May 13, 2012

Busy weekend

We've been some busy little bees this weekend.
On Saturday morning we hit the road down to Chicago to go to the Shedd Aquarium. We saw the Aquatic show and the 4-D short movie. I wondered what 4-D meant, and it is so neat! We had wind in our face, bubbles in the air, smells, a vibrating seat and we were even misted with water a few times! Then of course there's the amazing REAL animals all over the aquarium.
The boys were well behaved, but places like this affirm my displeasure for crowds of people. Especially when you're navigating around with preschoolers.
We sat down to eat and I had to practically force feed Jax some of his milk. He gets so stimulated, that he just does NOT want to eat or drink anything. One of his glass jars of baby food broke in his backpack. Um, neat. But we got it all cleaned up and carried on our way.
We were actually home by the late afternoon and got to relax for a little bit.

We were all just hanging out in the living room talking about what to make or order for dinner when Jason recognized that Brady was kind of pacing the room. He asked Brady if he was going to poop and I'm not quite sure if we got an answer out of him or not, but I put him on the potty just in case. Nothing happened. Then we decided to put him on the froggy potty in the living room by us and offer a cookie if he pooped on the potty. He sat for awhile and nothing happened. I gave him a cookie for trying. We realized he didn't go that day, which is crazy for this 3x/day kid, so I knew he had to go. I told him he could have one more cookie if he just tried. We all took our attention off him and watched a cartoon for a little bit. Guess what... Brady pooped in the potty! We sang and cheered and he was SO proud of himself! Jax got jealous and took his pants and diaper off to sit on the potty (after it was cleaned) and he grunted and pushed with no results, but it was nice to see that we'll be able to bounce each other's victories off the other child as encouragement.

So both boys have had a poo-moment on a potty. This hasn't kicked off their desire AT ALL to tell us that they ever have to go or anything, but it's nice baby steps of introduction for when they are showing more signs of being ready. I have to admit, it's so adorable to see their proud faces. I can't wait to get their tiny bums in underoos!

Today (Happy Mother's Day everyone!) we were spontaneous. Jason took the boys to the gym, and I went grocery shopping with coffee in sweet, sweet, (sweet) peace. When I came back, Jax ran at me with an arm full of flowers and shouted "Ha-mm Mmm DAY!" and Jason said we were packing up to go to the Brewer game for the afternoon since it was SO nice out. (Now of course the boys and Jason had addressed Mother's Day when we first got up with a card and tokens of love. I realized after typing that, that it sounded like no one even mentioned it to me until half way through the morning!)

The game was sold out, so "good" seats were not going to happen since we were buying 4. We ended up by Bernie Brewer at the very top with my back against the wall, whew! We got to our seats pretty early, so we were able to get the boys situated with eating before the large crowds came in. Again... I struggled with Jax. He ate half of a pudding and then he would just not drink his milk. Of course this gives me anxiety because I knew he just walked so far and burned up so many calories. The child would also NOT let us carry him even though he lags so far behind because he can't walk very fast, even with his braces on. Stubborn little fella'. He must get that from his father (ha). In all honesty though, the boys were AMAZING during the game. They were better behaved at the game than they are at home. They never left their seat area and we stayed until the end of the 7th inning. They just love going to the games.

But as for the EATING portion, Jason and I had to resort to being mean to Jax. We told him that if he didn't drink his milk, we were going to pack up and go home without seeing the game even start. He drank some. Then stopped again. At this point the Nat'l Anthem is over and I have to tell him that the entire stadium is waiting for him to finish his milk so the game can start.
True story.
He drank half of it. I told him that the next time I brought out the milk, he had to drink it, or we were leaving. I brought it back out 3 innings later, and he finished it. So as you can see... it's like pulling TEETH to get him to consume his food or milk while out. It's SO SO SO frustrating. It would of course be much easier to just "hook him up" and throw the backpack back on, but of course we don't consider that an option.
I'm a bit stressed because Jax has his feeding team follow up on Wednesday where he'll be weighed and assessed with the dietician. I don't have a good feeling about this weigh-in. With all the puking he did from the cold, and all the running around he's been doing now that it's nicer out - goooooo, I'm seriously scared to even look at the scale.

Annnnnyway. We have a busy little week. Jason is out of town Mon-Wed, and I have something going each day for the boys. Tomorrow morning is Brady's IEP evaluation. Tuesday and Friday, they both of school as usual, but on Wednesday, they both have a chiropractor follow-up and then Jax's feeding team appt with a trip to the lab afterward. Jax will have his blood drawn for the Immunologist that our pediatrician is consulting. I don't know what they're testing for, and for once, I'm not even going to ask and just wait to hear about it all after they have results. I figure it can't be anything too serious or pressing since they were willing to let Jax take the labs when he was at the hospital for his next feeding team appt.

Aquatic show (Brady and Jason)

Jax getting his hands wet with some shells.

A huge electric eel that I swear was there when I was a kid!

I do not remember the last time I saw this scene!


Mother's Day game!

Jax was PUMPED about his bobble head they gave to everyone at the door.

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