Monday, May 28, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend

This long holiday weekend has jut flown by. I feel like I blinked and it's suddenly over!

Jason was flying in from Texas on Friday evening and we were meeting with Dennis and Rachel at the house for some pizza and visiting with the crazy boys. Jason's plane ended up delayed because a passenger refused to turn off his iPod. Isn't that insane?! A plane-full of people trying to get out on a Friday evening of a holiday weekend. I'm surprised someone didn't tackle the person! He was escorted off by police, it's just such nonsense of some people.

Jason took the boys to Manitowoc to visit with his grandpa and pick up the trailer from his parents (to get some yard work done at our house over the next month). I was in Chicago helping my friend Janel wedding dress shop. That evening Jason and I worked on some paperwork together, and suddenly the night was over and it was Sunday!

Mama Letts came to visit for the afternoon and to babysit that evening. During the day, we all went to lunch where our neighbors have their boat docked. The boys weren't the best behaved because they wanted to play in the sand and water instead of sitting to eat, so that didn't last long. We took them to Pewaukee Lake Beach, and it was PACKED. So we just walked them up and down the shore and let them get wet. We ditched the crowd and came home to run in the sprinkler to beat the extreme heat.

Jason and I met up with our neighbors and some other friends at the boat docks for a band and some fun later that evening. Suddenly today was Monday, and we decided to take the boys to the Memorial Day parade. The parade was delayed 30 minutes and it was SO HOT. By the time it started, we couldn't stand out there very long and left after about 20 minutes.

The Bonin family came over for lunch shortly after we got back. We had a nice little visit and we all got good time in with each other's kiddos.

We're unwinding this evening and preparing for the week. Jay and I will get some work in while we listen to the crazy storms going on.

How could I forget about the hornets? Last night there was a big old hornet in our master bedroom bathroom. Jason killed it and we carried on. This morning, there was another one in our bedroom... what the heck?? And then ANOTHER one, ohhhhhh no way. So obviously there's some way a nest of them are getting into our bedroom area. Not good since Jay and I are both allergic to bees, so I assume it would be highly possible the boys could be as well. And of course, we find this out on a holiday weekend, so being a Terminex member doesn't matter. Jay did a little investigating and he can only come up with a possible entrance of the bathroom fan. Blech, either way, Terminex will be called immediately tomorrow, but until then, I'm terrified of our room and bathroom! So much so, that I am considering the guest room tonight! I just can't handle bees, spiders, snakes or mice - if any of those are in my room, I'm outta there!
So wish us luck...

Our neighbors gave the boys a bag of old costumes. They were in Heaven!

Livin' the dream Brady!

Ranch mustache on Jax!

Yup, Brady wore his "Woody" hat and boots to dinner and to bed that night.

The boys checking out the neighbor's boat at the dock with Matt.

Sprinkler time!

Our clan at the Sand Bar.

Awe, a turkey and her 10 babies! Are they called turk-lets?

Jason and Brady trying to pass time waiting for the parade to start.

The Bonin babies and boys playing.

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D. said...

That ranch mustache just made my day! Go Jax!