Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day y'all!

We had a nice weekend at home. My cold has been going in and out and is still hanging around. Summer colds are cruel!
We stayed around the house on Saturday trying to get some things done, and I was still trying to recoup a bit. Jason removed half of the warped cedar siding off the front of the house that is being replaced this week. There were a few rain storms moving through that day, so there were some breaks inside where the boy would watch a movie and Jay and I worked on a big work project. The boys played a lot with the neighbors whenever the sun would come out and we had a cookout next door later.

Today was Jason's choice being Father's Day and all. We went to a Madison Mallards game with friends and even celebrated little Olivia Alf's birthday. It was SO hot, but a very nice late afternoon with some old friends. The boys didn't stay put in their chairs like they do at the Brewer games. They really felt the need to keep going in front of the crowd to dance, cheerlead or run around, but it was nice to see them have a good time.
We got the boys in the bath and then bed at a decent time with time to spare for Jay and I to finish up a work project.
This upcoming week looks super hot, but I think the boys will still get out as much as possible. It's their last week before summer speech courses start up.

While we were on our neighbor's patio, we could hear the kids doing karaoke. The neighbor kids told me that Jax was singing the alphabet song, so I walked in and caught the end of it. I think he's around "LMNOP" here, it's adorable.

Brady is totally "helping".

He was so pumped to play with sticks from the house!

Jason's construction site got a bit unsafe for the boys, so I enticed them into the backyard with a sprinkler and swimsuits!

At the Mallard's game!

Daddy's with their boys. That's Mike Riesel and his super cute 2 yr old son, Cole.

Brady loving up on Millie the Mallard.

Olivia trying to get the boys to look for a photo! (even with braces on, Jax is really stalling out in the height department compared to Brady!)

The boys cheering and dancing on top of the Mallard's dugout.

Enjoying some mascot time with Olivia.

Birthday cupcakes! Brady was pumped.

Hanging with Hannah Karns. She was their age when Jay and I got married!

Happy Father's Day!

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Matt & Shana said...

OMG that video is so cute! Especially when they tell him to bow and he squats down, love it =)