Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Last day of school

Today was the boy's last day of school. Jaxon celebrated his birthday, so I sent along fun little pails of fun including a snack pack pudding for the kid's snack. Miss Sue said it was perfect because all the kids think of Jax when they see pudding. Jax was pretty pumped that he finally got to wear the birthday crown.

Brady had his last speech session with his school therapist, and both boys will start their summer speech classes through the district on June 25. Every Monday and Wednesday they each go separately for 30 minutes. I think I'll play on the school playground with one while the other is in. The kids also see their private speech therapist weekly as well, so they're pretty covered over the summer.

I had lost my phone yesterday at some point running an errand at Target with the boys. Of course I didn't have the "Find My Phone" app downloaded on it, or have my info backed up, which is all ironic given a conversation I had over the weekend about the app. I got a new phone today, so please text me your numbers!
The babysitter came for an hour today, and since I was all caught up on my work, I ran to AT&T to get a new phone and even voted. It's amazing what you can get done so quickly when not lugging two 3 year olds along!
When I got home, Jax was SLEEPING on the couch. (huh?) The sitter said they were outside playing and when they had to go in, Jax was hysterical. She got him inside and he laid down and closed his eyes. I came home about 5 minutes later and told her that it was highly abnormal for Jax to do that, so I was suspicious that he was sick. I then thought back to lunch time today, which was also abnormal because Jax REFUSED to drink his milk. I had to send him into time out repeatedly and it was just so exhausting going through the steps to get him to drink it. He finally did, but it was just way more pushing than we usually have to do.

Jax suddenly woke up and started crying that he wanted to go outside. I told him I was going to make dinner and he started sobbing. What the heck? Sure enough, he had a high fever (101.8) and was just not making sense. I quickly fed Brady and put them both in the tub. I asked Jax if he would take any medicine to feel better and he gave me the look of death, so I decided to not fight him and put Tylenol through his tube. I put him to bed at 6:15pm and gave him a slow pump, but put extra food in it to make up for dinner.
I decided tonight was not the night to try and break any records with the tube. I hate fevers and just want to make them go away!

Brady with Miss Shari and the "mama monkey" (can you tell which sounds he is working on?)

Jaxon with his speech therapist, teacher's aide and Miss Sue!

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