Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spoke too soon...

So Brady's fever downgraded to a temp around 99-100, but it hovered and stayed there. I started feeling "off" on Friday, and that night Jax puked a t.i.n.y. bit of food up at the end of his pump-feeding. He had an amazing day of eating, but I was still giving him larger night-feeds trying to make up for the days prior - I felt so bad thinking I overfed him, but it may have been his "sicky whisperer" in affect. (he has not puked at all since)

Fast forward to Saturday night, and Brady was up all night crying, and I felt super sick myself. I finally grabbed Brady and brought him in our room since our "rub his back" moments weren't doing the trick. Jason went into the guest room to try and get a couple hours of sleep since we had an early morning family function to attend to Sunday.
Brady slept fine in bed by me, so that was better, but I was on the bathroom floor for awhile feeling sick to my stomach.
Today, it's clear that Brady and I are just downright sick, so we had to stay behind as Jason brought Jax with him home to attend mass and celebrate Father Dick's 40th anniversary. Brady and I had some good cuddles and time together wiping noses and saying "bless you" constantly.
By the time Jason got back in the car to drive home, Jax fell asleep (never a good sign) and came home coughing with a runny nose. Ack, we've been hit!
Other than sleepy, the boys are acting pretty normal - just a good old cold! Isn't it supposed to be summer??

Edit to add: There's one positive that came out of this cold - Jax just took his first dose of Tylenol by MOUTH tonight. Yay for progress!

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