Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer school is here

The boys started their summer speech class with Miss Tricia (Miss Trish) and they looooove it. She is the nicest lady and even said she heard all about Jax from her four year old daughter. Apparently her daughter was a "typical developed peer" in his class that is placed to help model development for classmates. She told her mom that Jax was in the hospital a few times over the winter, so they all made him cards, but ONCE he was there when he wasn't sick and he came back without his backpack eating pudding!
Does that just melt you??

Then when we were walking down the hall to leave the building a woman yells, "Is that JAXON?" Um, what the wha? We've never even been to this school before! The lady runs up and says she worked in Miss Sue's class a few times and recognized Jax Man. He didn't seem to recognize her, but he gave her a high five regardless. Too cute.

Nana Jayne came to visit on Monday afternoon and the boys got some early birthday gifts since they're to beat the heat outside. They got a new sprinkler, a splash mat and a small pool. They tried out the sprinkler and splash mat today and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Tomorrow, they'll dip in the pool for a bit. I hear it's supposed to be even hotter, so I think we'll be outside briefly and in the  kiddy pool!

Jax's eating is going pretty good. We realized he was taking extremely small "bird bites" because the spoons we were using intimidated him, so he wouldn't open his mouth very wide. Sort of like he was defending his mouth. I found a very old thin spoon that we got from Mr Nick years ago (it attaches to the Z-Vibe) that has been working well, so I ordered some small feeding spoons online today. I hope they help. He's eating graham cracker crumbs in his pudding with the therapist and small bead-sized noodle chunks in his pureed food, but he still does not understand actual chewing. They keep telling me that it will come.

I also broke down and ordered Jax some new tube-pads. His old ones are just getting so beat up that they're actually shredding from being used/washed repeatedly. We've lost some in there too. I didn't want to buy any knowing this is most likely Jax's last year with the tube, but it had to be done. I got 5 new ones (about 2 days worth) and they make his old ones look SO pitiful! I really should go ahead and order 5 more.

Brady said, "Mmmm aahhh" today in speech and even modeled it for me after. I'm so proud and he's on his way to mama! The teacher said that she's working on 2-3 word phrases with Jax, which he says, but he can't pronounce well. Tonight he went around the house saying, "Bay-mm! Ware arrre mmm" (Blankey, where are you) looking for his blanket for bed. But he did say, "What's da?" rather well when pointing to something. Hmm, what else does he say? Ah yes... we get a package a day at least for the toy drive and now Jax always says, "A Baa, for meeee?" (A box, for me?) Nope, it's for the kids at the hospital! "Ok!"

Fun with Nana

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