Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thoughts on this research??

Thank you for all the emails and messages about my last post. You all give me such great ideas, opinions and thoughts on subjects like this.

I've been thinking a lot about a particular research paper sent to me that you can see here.  It's one of those things that you read and find yourself nodding your head the whole time and finding yourself getting excited with each new page because it's describing your kids completely.
It's a study done on a group of neuro-characteristics that respond to specific supplementation (Omega 3, which is fish oil and vitamin E). All the "characteristics" are my boys up and down and all around (Apraxia, allergy and malabsorption). It is so fascinating to learn how the gut is so closely tied to neuro.

I printed it up and went waving it in the air to Jason. Mind you, we used to give the boys fish oil as a suggested supplement from Jaxon's alternative pediatric MD when he was an infant. We've become laxed about it and haven't given it in the past year and then some. I know our chiropractor has been on my CASE about Jax getting his vitamin E levels checked since all his winter illness, but really, that sounded like so much work! (mother of the year, I know)

Then Jason said skeptically, "why is Jax progressing forward so well without it then?" Hmmm. I thought about what was different between Jax and Brady and realized that Jax received 99% Pediasure by his tube all year. So I looked at his formula and guess what... it's chalked full of DHA, Omega 3 and vitamin E, and is also gluten free (although he does not get the recommended high dose of vitamin E through the formula). Jax has pretty much been on this suggested diet. Now Brady has a "good" diet, but we were never looking to give him these extra things. So is this all coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not, I don't know! But isn't it interesting?

I told Jason that I wanted to drop a copy of the study off to the boy's pediatrician and ask her to review it and discuss it at their physicals next month. Jason told me to give it to him to read first. He was on his way out for a business trip and said he'd read it on the plane.

Sure enough, I get a text message from him a few hours later saying how CREEPY similar our boys are to the study. He agreed we needed to keep the boys on the fish oil that was recommended years ago since it's just healthy in general and we don't eat fish in the house.
Is it possible that children who have these gut/apraxia/allergy issues just need this extra BOOST to process things better? The study makes it clear that obviously a child needs extreme speech therapy intervention, but this was just a focus on the scientific part that could help the issue.

So let me have your opinions! I always appreciate my readers thoughtful and respectful thoughts.

As for now, I picked up the boy's old DHA fish oil supplement that was recommended and approved by their doctor in the past. Brady thinks it's a treat, so it's simple to give. I will drop off the study to their doctor to ask about vitamin E since I'm not comfortable giving supplements without the supervision of a doctor.  Not to mention there already is SOME extra vitamin E in the fish oil.
I know the boys get sugar and gluten from home, but I'm not sure how much we'd be changing all that since we already make pretty decent food choices for the boys. Well, it's all worth a look, hey?

In other news, Jax started on some heavier texture in feeding therapy today. We put graham cracker crumbs in his pudding and I've been making his puree's pretty thick. Slow and steady wins the race! 

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Michelle said...

when claire was GF we were giving her all kinda of extra fats. she was taking MCT oil and we were using coconut milk for her in everything because she needed the calories but we thought she had a milk allergy... and frankly, she was nearing 3 and only 17 pounds, so she needed the calories. i didn't even think of that part of her diet... i thought it was just the gluten that caused the changes. i'm going to be reading that study and googling away! thanks!