Sunday, June 3, 2012

Up north fun, and down home pains

We headed north to the Garber Cottage for the weekend. We arrived just in time for dinner and to get the kids in bed. We put the boy's little tents in a large room where little Layla slept on a toddler bed. The three kids had a camp out. At first it was a little wild, but they all slept great after about an hour. The second night was fabulous without a peep from the room, and we put them to bed at 7pm, how great is that for three 3 yr olds?
The day was a bit windy/rainy on Saturday, so it was a very lazy day, but we still managed some fishing from the dock, rides on the 4 wheeler and a nice little walk.  Today was beautiful. We went on a boat ride, did some fishing and basically let the kids play in the water on the slide. It was nice to get away!

Ah yes, and there's another rash. Brady was itching during the car ride home. He has a rash all over his stomach and most of the trunk of his body (sigh). We gave the boys a bath, put Brady's prescription eczema cream on him, and even gave a teaspoon of Benadryl to help him stop itching to fall asleep. We assumed he brushed up against something while swimming in the lake, but it just didn't make sense. We even used soap from home for his bath last night. AH, then we realized it may be the towels he used from the bath and after being in the lake. OR it could be from his life vest when he didn't have a shirt on. Can someone get rashes from life vests??
So I'm hoping the rash goes down by tomorrow and that's the end of it. Seriously, I don't know how people who have kids with food allergies do it, because this is just simple,very avoidable skin sensitivity. So it would make a lot of sense if that was the cause, so let's hope it is because I like easy fixes!

When we came home, there was an amazing pile of boxes for the toy drive, AWESOME! There are very few boxes that have the sender's names on the receipt, so please take this as a THANK YOU a million times! We're up to 36 toys, so amazing. Jason and I organized them and hid them for the time being and I must say, I'm so impressed with the generosity.

I forgot my camera this weekend (I know, the horror!), but Sidney took tons of photos with her nice camera, so there are some great shots!
I do have these lovely photos... let's look at fun (read sarcastically) things to spend money on:

Large patches of peeling paint from your cedar siding.
Lovely peeling gutters and downspouts.

Does it get prettier?
We have one large patch of our house that gets beat on from the sun, so the paint on just this one part has peeled, and the boards have warped. We need to replace this section and hope the boards last another 25 years. We repainted the entire house 5 years ago, and it still looks great except this one part.
We had to have the gutters and downspouts painted because they were an odd color that went with the original red color of the house. They are totally done and need to be completely replaced. Thankfully the new ones come in white, so we will never have to touch them again.
But man... gutters and downspouts... what an unfulfilling way to spend money right? Like say, a kitchen, living room or bedroom would be so much prettier to look at with money spent on. Can I get a witness? Yup, the joys of home-ownership and a savings account!

Here are fun cottage photos:

The kids after their bath and ready for a bedtime story!


Big B

Jax and Macy on a date

Jax looks like a little elf

Brady is concentrating on a fish

Jason fishing with the kiddos

Too cute to not share! (Miss Layla)

Livin' the dream boys!

Sidney started the bath water and they all jumped in!

The "fishing boat" on Saturday afternoon.

Love them Garbers!

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Michele said...

They're almost 4?!?! Wow does time fly!

When Zoe was having her sensitive skin problems, anything would give her a rash - and I do mean anything. It was at its worst right around the time she turned 4, and has gotten dramatically better on its own since then. I wouldn't stress about it - kids just get rashes sometimes. Thank goodness for Benadryl! I also love the Abra Therapeutics kids' bubble baths - they are the best for soothing irritated skin.

Will they be getting their MMR and chicken pox boosters at age 4? I ask only because both of my kids had strong negative reactions to the 4-year boosters - and with your boys' sensitivities, I wonder if you should consider proceeding carefully with the boosters, especially the live attenuated ones. But I'm sure you'll be talking all about that with your pediatrician. :)