Saturday, June 23, 2012

Visits, blisters and painting, whew!

The boys got quite the treat with Uncle Adam visiting on Thursday. They opened early birthday presents of Brewer backpacks and other baseball gear. They were wild monkeys for the visit for sure!

It's been pretty quiet around here otherwise with lots of sunshine and work all mixed together. I had the boys at the chiropractor yesterday and we noticed Brady's bum left foot. He has a large blister on his heel, and the doc noticed he slightly pronounces inward when he walks (you can't see his arch when he steps). She actually wants him evaluated by PT for shoe inserts. Um.. that shocked me a bit. The boys don't get services like that over the summer, so I guess I'll be bringing it up to Jax's physical therapist when the school year starts.

Last night I had a painting-date with Miss Rachel. She came over for some pizza with the boys and we left to do our next round of "groupon date". We both think this round of painting went better, but maybe that was because we didn't drink wine this time! ha.

Jason is taking the boys up to Manitowoc today to go visit Uncle Joe's farm and to play with family members in a softball tournament. I'm taking a break back at home and getting some things done. The boys were really excited to hear they were going to see cows and softball. Looks like a nice weekend!

Pregnant lady in a smock!

Museum quality, we know...

Uncle Adam and the boys!

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