Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Who pees on themself?

The boys have had a pretty typical week, but definitely some added fun. We took them to Jason's Monday night league softball game since it was earlier. The boys did their typical "run around" and drive me a little crazy routine, but I guess that's what you get with 3 year olds. Jaxon's speech psychologist and her family were there watching her husband play. She loved seeing Jax run around, and even though I told her I didn't think he was gaining any weight, she said it was great to see him just be a normal kid. We'll be seeing her at a formal appointment with the rest of the feeding/GI team on July 2.
I had tons of work to do on Tuesday and had the babysitter for a couple hours. Well it was SO hot outside that I sent them to Monkey Joes (an indoor bounce house) and I guess the kids had an absolute blast. So much so, that Brady decided to lay on the floor and have a meltdown when the sitter (I should refer to her by name, Lindsey) tried to leave. So Brady came home crying that he couldn't stay at a bounce house for an entire day. Yup, to be three years old.

I swear the boys are still nowhere near being ready to potty train, and it can be frustrating some days! Yesterday I was changing Jax's poopy diaper, and while I had his legs in the air, he decided he was going to pee at that moment. Yeah... all over his own shirt and almost on his face. Really? I mean... really?

Just waiting for the painters to come and stain!


Jenn said...

My oldest never did this but my youngest did several times! Got it in his hair, eye, ugh. Kids... :)

Michele said...

Yeah ... really. Three-year-olds are epic. I wasn't sure I was going to survive my youngest at that age. And she's "only" got sensory processing disorder and dyspraxia, not prematurity and feeding issues and, oh yeah, being TWINS! One of the reasons I love your blog is how amazingly positive you are about the boys (while sometimes showing a bit of oh-so-normal exasperation) - it encourages me to continue to see the awesomeness in my kids even when they are driving me crazy. :)