Sunday, July 8, 2012

Big Boy Room and a little lady on the way!

(Sorry the video is so dark, I shouldn't have stood directly in front of the patio door, boo!)

It's a girl for Rachel and Dennis! Yay, congrats!! They had a "reveal party" with cupcakes that had the color pink inside to show the gender is a GIRL. They had the doctor put the gender in a sealed envelope which they gave to a baker to fill cupcakes with the appropriate color.
It was a special small get together, but oh so cute. Rachel and Dennis are from Niagra, WI, so they had cupcakes delivered to a group of family that got together and everyone took a bite at the same time, adorable!
I owe this little girl a bit of babysitting, ya think? Baby girl comes at the end of November, I can't wait!

We made the boys their "big boy bedroom" this week and they've been doing great. Jax gets a little confused sometimes since his toddler bed is still set up in the spare room, but both the boys have loved their new beds. We're so fortunate that they haven't gotten out of their beds until they wake up in the morning and so far there hasn't been much jabber between them. It has taken four years, so I'm happy to finally see a bed under the big "J" on the wall!

This week has been full of cleaning out the baby things and cleaning up the yard. The heat is coming down thankfully, but I see on the extended forecast that it's supposed to creep back up - I hope it's not too hot for the party next weekend, fingers crossed.

We met our friends Janel and Steve for dinner on Thursday night and even the restaurant's air conditioning couldn't keep up. We're really over all these 100+ temps. Anyway, we made the final plans with them for the party, and then Jay and I had dinner at the neighbor's house Friday night to finalize things with them as well - it's all coming together!
Everything is set with Child Life Services for the donation at the end of the month and I even got Jax's formula/milk situation figured out between the dietitian and our medical supply company. I have to add cream to the chocolate Pediasure we're getting, but if he likes it, it will make life so much easier for us! I'll find out pretty quick tomorrow I guess!




Melissa said...

Their room looks great!

Craig & Shannon said...

I LOVE their big boy room! So sporty:)