Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Final count down

The week is going well with speech therapy and a lot of playing outside. I'm definitely hearing some different sounds and words from the boys. They are learning about "camping" in their class with "hot fire" and "seeing stars". And of course, both boys are working hard on MMM- AAA. Jaxon's sound comes out as BA and Brady's comes out as GA, so Brady has always called me "gaga" but Jax has always called me "ahda". Well today Jax called me "baba" which is closer to mama, so that was kinda neat knowing he's thinking more about it when saying it!

I received Jax's chew tools to work on chewing at home. I'll be bringing them to his feeding therapy session tomorrow to have Mr Nick show me how to exactly use them. A whole new world with all of this.
Jax seems to be fine with his new chocolate formula to drink during the day. I've noticed his volume intake has gone up this week with an extra 2-4oz a day total. He's on the right track!

Lots of party-prepping is going on with final details and scheduled deliveries/set up. I just need to finish a monster project for work and get this house in shape - I'm really excited for the party and can NOT believe that these little men will only be 3 years old for another 48 hours.

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Matt & Shana said...

Good Luck on the party I can't wait to see the pictures!!