Sunday, July 22, 2012

Getting 'er done

How and why are we so busy? Do you ever feel like you scratch off a few "to-do's" only to see a ton more to follow? Ahh, such is life, hey!

I have a Urology appointment set for the boys on August 3rd. They won't have their hearing and vision checked until October. Since they aren't having any known "problems" and just getting check ups, it's quite the long wait for each appointment - which is fine. I want to focus on their Urology appointment and also getting Jax's immunization testing done in the month of August.

We took the boys to Toys R Us to buy the final toys for toy drive with the donated money. They were really good about knowing the toys we bought were to go into the trailer for the kids at the hospital. I was really hoping to get a toy count today, but it's way too hot to stand in the garage that long and sort through them, so that will have to be a project for when the temperature comes down over the next week - but there are tons and that makes me so happy.
A few toys have been coming in this week, and this next week will be the final collection for donation on July 31st. Everyone has been so generous!

I found this picture on my camera. This was our living room last Monday when they were sick. Thankfully it was only one day! Notice they both have a light saber.



Rachel said...

Oh man! Unfortunately I'm also familiar with the blanket city trick! ;)

Matt & Shana said...

I hear you on the why are we so busy! I feel like I can't get enough done in my days right now, this needs to stop! Good thing we are both going on trips soon to relax :)