Sunday, July 15, 2012

They're 4 and we couldn't be more blessed!

My babies are 4 years old, it's crazy!
The party turned out fabulous. The weather gave us a bit of a scare in the morning with rain clouds, which pushed back set-up about 90 minutes, so I was slightly stressed out. Thankfully we had help from some family (thank you Colliers and Nana!) to get it all out on time. Once it was all set up, we had a few moments to sneak to the side with the photographer and grab a few photos before the insanity started. Once I receive the photos from our photo-guru, Mike, I'll post them up, I'm SO excited to see them!

The day was HOT, but it was amazing. There were awesome bouncies set up, a wonderful face painter and lots of yummy carnival food. There was a steady flow of people (I think we estimated 100) and the donation trailer is full! We need to go through everything and count it out, but we'll be taking the kids to Toys R Us to purchase more toys with the donated money from the party. Final donation is on July 31 for anyone wanting to get any last toys in.

I had the biggest surprise EVER from Brook and Jake showing up with their twin baby girls. They're from Indianapolis and drove up to give some love and support. My long time blog readers may remember Brook from the blog "Sweet Girlies". I've had a few readers message me over the past few years asking for an update with her, and I'm proud to say that I held and loved up on their 11 week old baby girls yesterday and I soaked up every single moment of their sweetness! I'm so blessed to have their support at such an amazing celebration. They are truly some amazing people to know, and their girlies have always been angels helping us throughout our struggles. I Love these people.

The boys definitely need to catch up on some sleep. There have been no naps, early rising mornings and long days. They went to bed a bit early tonight, so I'm hoping they'll catch up a little. Jax's tummy did not like a lot of food today and he threw up half way through breakfast and then again at lunch. He's either coming down with something, or his system is just worked over. He's acting fine and has no symptoms of illness, so we'll see if he just needs to catch up on some normalcy. I gave him two small snacks later in the day and he's hooked up to his night pump now snoozing away (with a Star Wars figurine in clutch).

I measured the boys on a growth chart that I put up in their new room. If I measured properly (you know, having them stand against the wall and marking the chart) it seems like Brady may possibly be well over 2" taller - he really pulled away since the holidays last winter. Maybe Jaxie will have a growth spurt soon too. We'll see how they really measure up with their big 4 year old physical on Wednesday. Hopefully Jax will hold his immunizations this time - more talk about that after we see the doc on Wednesday.

So, today was a lot of cleaning up, taking down, organizing and storing. Our neighbors asked us to come over for breakfast this morning. They had a bunch of their friends stay over from the party yesterday (a large group of people who we hang out with and our kids all play together). Well it turned out they had quite the surprise for the boys... they all chipped in and got the boys a Power Wheels Jeep - OH MY GOSH! They remembered that the boys used to use their old one (which was second generation already to them) and it broke last year. They loved riding around between our three yards. So the boys got a new one, what lucky little guys! We have such thoughtful friends.

I see we're back to HOT weather again for a few days, so we'll have to figure out how to not go stir crazy. This is the boy's last week of summer school speech, so we'll be soaking each minute of that this week while I try to figure things out with Brady's insurance since it has cut off his sessions with our private therapist Mr Nick. (sigh) always something! I don't like the idea of Brady not having any therapy between next week and school starting, so I'll have to figure something out. We always do!

I caught a party shot of some final pinata time!

Apparently Brady wanted to re-paint his face. Himself. With a stamper.

The boys getting their Arctic Cat Power Wheels this morning!


Craig & Shannon said...

Can't wait to see the pics! What a great birthday:)

Jacs278 said...

Happy Birthday to your boys!!!

And I am beyond thrilled to hear about Brook and Jake! My heart has broken for them for years. I still check in on the old blog hoping to hear something from them. I'd been worried about them.

Elizabeth said...

I am a long time (like since the boys were born) lurker but have never commented. Happy birthday to your boys!

And thanks for the update on Brooke & Jake. I check in on their old blog hoping for an update. I hope they know that people still think of their girls.

KMR said...

Hi Annie,

Happy Bday to your boys! My girls, Ada & Jaylynn are also 4 today. I am still so impressed with how you can keep up with a blog while you have so much going on. I barely have time to email myself and really admire what you have here. God bless. Have a good rest of the summer. :-)

Janae Haleen (your next door neighbor while in Froedert)

Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful boys!!