Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Toy Donation Complete!

We delivered all 185 toys to the hospital today, and it was awesome! They weren't expecting so many toys, so we loaded them inside the main lobby, took a photo and then had to figure out what to do from there. They decided to put half the toys in storage for the Feeding Team to pull from as needed, and we took the other half up to the clinic floor to deliver to the staff and grab a photo. Well Jax's entire team from the inpatient stay came as well as his typical team - Feeding Psychologists, dieticians, nurses and even the head of the department. Even his old nurse who he used to see when he was only in the GI clinic - this woman counseled me through many tearful and fearful phone calls during Jax's first two years.
They were all SO thrilled and grateful. These toys will help them a lot with kids going through the process. It seems best that the smaller toys will be used during the inpatient process, and then the larger toys will go to kids finishing the program, and also for any children on surgery day who get their tubes removed (awwwe).
We unloaded all the toys into a room on their floor and everyone gave me a hug. After I said, "thank you for teaching Jax how to eat" I had tears... it's such an amazing program giving kids a chance at life.
So thank you... thank you all a MILLION times over for your generosity and thoughtfulness while contributing to such a successful cause!

The boys helping me count and repack all the toys so they're secure for the ride.

On our way!

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Merks said...

What an amazing thing to do and to have your boys be a part of!