Sunday, July 1, 2012

Water fun and water woes

Ahhh, what a gorgeous weekend up north! We got up to the Garber cottage around dinner time Friday night and had an awesome time. Saturday was absolutely beautiful and we had a blast on the lake. There are two more jet skis, so we all had a blast with those new toys. Sidney and I went out during the kid's nap time and we seriously played like teenagers racing around in circles and going around the island. So fun!
After the kid's nap, we went out on the boat to do some tubing. Jason went first and once he fell off, Brady had a complete meltdown. We had to go back to the dock so I could take him off the boat, because apparently he no longer liked the water once he saw Daddy fall in it.

Well... this added to Brady's other water woe, which is the bathtub lately. He's always had a fear of the shower turning on while he's in the tub ever since it happened once awhile ago. It even happened at the cottage once, so you can better believe he was on HIGH alert during bath time. Well... if you call him screaming and crying while I quickly forced him in the tub and washed him up while the other three kids were having a great old time playing in it.
Even tonight at home, Brady was TERRIFIED of the bath. He was quite hysterical while we made him at least stand in the tub while washing him quickly.  He sobbed in complete fear.

So... what do we do? My first instinct was to call our pediatrician and ask her advice, but the boy's have their 4 year old physicals in 2.5 weeks. Do I wait and address this new extreme phobia then? I think I'll try to give the boys a bath in our master bath since it's separate from the shower and see if that helps, but.. um, shouldn't he be able to bathe in a shower/tub at some point? Anyone have any experience with this?

Well, we got home early today to take care of the lawn (ohhh it got some much needed sprinkler time!), laundry and I'm about to dive into some piled up work before this new week starts. Jax has his big GI/Feeding team check-in tomorrow first thing in the morning at Children's Hospital, and then we go directly to speech therapy. I'll update tomorrow night how the appointment goes, but I have a strong feeling I know that it will go exactly how the last one went. I'm hoping to see Jax gained a little weight, but I can tell he didn't gain anything substantial enough to change our current course. So I'm geared up emotionally to hear that! He's happy, healthy and running around like a crazy (skinny) kid so I can't ask for much more than that, right?

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Melissa said...

Both of my girls had an extreme fear of the tub about a year ago. They begged to go to bed instead of having to take a bath. They fought every second of bath time. I still have no idea what caused them to be so afraid. This lasted close to two months before they decided it was no longer something to be afraid of. They still have a fear of the shower. They will probably be taking baths until they leave for college at this rate.