Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Road Trip Birthday Party!

We've had a quiet week so far. I took the boys up to Green Bay on Tuesday for Layla's birthday lunch at Chuckee Cheese. The boys had an absolute blast and it was fun to spend the afternoon with the Garber/Freemore clan. We stopped at Nana Jayne's for an hour after on the way home. The boys played with the coveted box of "Nana's house toys" and the cat and dog were spoiled with plenty of treats.
On the way home, Jax kept yelling "MMDannos!!" Wow, that's some great marketing when a child with a severe feeding disorder wants your food. Well... ok, the toy. So we stopped half way home and got a couple of Happy Meals that Brady and I ate and the boys got some entertainment from the toys. What a TREAT of a day for them!

Macy and Jax cruisin' on a date.

Jax saw all the kids doing story time with the mouse and he RAN up to him for a hug and high five right in the middle of the story. Yes... my kids LOVE costumed people. They would die for Disney I'm sure.

This was their favorite game/ride.

Macy and Brady took it for a spin!
The Garbers - aren't they the cutest?


Doubly Blessed said...

You look gorgeous!

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