Wednesday, August 22, 2012

All Good in the Hood

We've just been plugging away at a typical week lately. Although, we are now officially without our beloved sitter, Lyndsey, boo! But, we're super happy for her for finding a full time kindergarten teaching position. I think she'll do great.

So yeah, I'm juggling a lot of things, but the boys will be in school for 3 afternoons a week starting in two little weeks, so that should help cut down my late work-nights a little bit (I can't wait). We have a meeting set up with the boy's new teacher and to see the classroom next week Thursday, so that will be all settled soon as well.

I finally have the boy's Genetic Specialist appointment set, and it's for November 1. Between Oct 1 and Nov 1, the boys have TONS of appointments between hearing, vision, dental, orthotics, flu vaccine, genetics and of course the weekly chiro and feeding therapy. I will be glad to have that all done and over with. So much running! And I still haven't heard back from the Child Development Center, but I suspect that appointment will be set after the holidays.

We'll try to soak up these last few summer days...


Melissa said...

Love the light sabers hooked onto their shorts.

Matt & Shana said...

OMG they are the cutest little guys!! These pictures are great :)

R. LeP said...

I have thought of all of you a million times and was so excited when I found the link while on a computer at this office! The boys are so precious and you are amazing with your positive attitude as a wonderful mother! All of you will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.