Sunday, August 5, 2012

Beer on a stick

Yup, it's State Fair time and the first thing we saw walking in past the carnival area... was Beer on a Stick. Gotta love Wisco...

We went late morning today and the first hour was a lot of fun. The boys got to pet cows and sheep and we had some fun treats. Then suddenly it got so incredibly crowded that it was non-enjoyable with two small children. We quickly ate lunch and got the boys on a couple rides as promised before leaving. It stormed yesterday and it was beautiful out today, so there were WAY more people than usual.

We relaxed at home and had some yard-time with the boys. It was a nice wrap-up to the week. I forgot to mention that I received a sad phone call from Jax's preschool teacher on Friday. She was shaken up and called to tell me she would not be the boy's teacher this fall. She has to stay at the current school to be a teacher-aide for some severely disabled children in kindergarten. She is in her last 2 years of teaching before retirement, so I know she was really looking forward to being with her "Early Childhood" kids for preschool and 4k and see them off to kindergarten. I told her how much I appreciated her last year and we were very sad to not have her anymore. She was in tears, and even waited a week to start calling in hopes she wouldn't cry. Awe... this makes me sad.

I also got a letter from Jax's medical supply company stating that they would no longer be providing pediatric enteral feeding (tube feeding) supplies. They are referring us out to another company where a nurse will be my contact. BOO! I've been talking to the same nurse every month for FOUR YEARS going through Jax's tube-feeding journey and ALL the different supplies. I mean... she's on our Christmas card list. I get very attached to the people who have been part of our team. It's hard to explain, but I'm really bummed about this and Jax's teacher. Ce la vie, I know...

A farmer showing the boys his cows!

Love them sheep!

Cookie dough dipped in chocolate and sprinkles... on a stick of course!

Jax and Jason on a slide (sorry for the blur)

Patiently waiting for Daddy to get a few more ride tickets...

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