Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Burnin' up

I had to go and say a NORMAL cold in my last post didn't I? Total rookie-blogger move on my part WHILE they still had the cold...

Well Brady's fever came back on Monday and was still here today, so he bought himself an appointment with the pediatrician. She is stumped. His ears, lungs and rapid strep test were all normal. It's odd for a child to have a fever go away and then come back on day 4/5 of a cold. So I just have to watch him and bring him back in if his cough worsens (or other symptoms start) or if he still has a fever tomorrow.
Hopefully it's gone tomorrow and we can be done with it. The doc also said she didn't receive Jax's blood results yet for the immunization tither, so we're still waiting on that.
Jax's stomach didn't accept his lunch today, but otherwise, he's actually reacting rather well to a cold that seems to be taking Brady down a bit. Who knew?

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