Friday, August 3, 2012

NO surgery needed, yay!

The boys had their Urology appointment today and it turns out that they most likely do not need surgery or a procedure to fix anything. The doctor doesn't think they have Meatal Stenosis, but rather a very mild form of Hypospadias (no worries, the boys don't look anything near the photo in that link). This makes more sense why both boys would have this, since it's in their genetic makeup. Apparently the urethra goes forward and stops at a dimple, then veers down to a hole directly below it. Since the boys each look fine cosmetically, it would only have to be repaired if there were a mechanical disfunction.
We need to watch for the boys to urinate outside their diapers and make sure there aren't any "double streams" happening. If they look like they're urinating in one normal straight stream, then they are fine and no one will most likely ever notice it. Hmm, make them stand in the bath and talk about pee? How do we do this? Although, I'm very relieved and was getting anxious at the thought of them needing anything corrected and causing them pain!

 We also paid a visit to the Orthopedist on Thursday afternoon to have Jax's braces looked at. He has definitely grown out of his right brace and the doc said he needs new braces ASAP, but... insurance doesn't cover a new pair until October (every 2 years), and yes, they are mui expensive. So the doc made some adjustments to the brace and even put brand new straps on both pair. He put an insert on the top for comfort in hopes that it will do the job until we can order a new pair in October. So yes, we have to go back for measurements in two months and re-start the whole process - I hope the current pair holds out!

Any bets on how long it takes us to lose the comfort insert?

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nicole said...

How weird, Ethan was diagnosed with hypospadias when we were in the the nicu. I wonder if its more common in twins? Either way, Im totally cracking up at the mental picture of you trying to watch your boys pee.