Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our elf fractured his foot

Yes, I'm sure by the title you can tell we've had some even more chaotic days. Jaxon has a stress fracture on/in his foot and we have noooo idea how he did it. He woke up limping yesterday morning, so I called our doctor's office for guidance. We weren't sure if it was an injury (no apparent signs) or an issue with his orthotics. Jax has been telling us his right foot hurts for a few weeks now, but that is the foot where his brace wasn't fitting correctly, so we assumed it was his brace. He will ask for us to take his shoe and brace off and as soon as we do, he seemed happy. Well, the doc is thinking he hurt it awhile ago, and then must've injured it further on Monday - hence he woke up limping on Tuesday. The boys love to wrestle at bedtime, so maybe that pushed it over the edge. It's his right foot, which is his weaker side, so it's prone to injury easier - which makes sense.

We were in the ER for about 5 hours yesterday doing XRays and all the other fun things of entertaining two four year olds in a small room by myself. They actually weren't too bad and everyone stayed decently content.
Jason was home this afternoon, so he came with me to the pediatrician follow up to review Jax's foot. She confirmed her opinion of the slight fracture and Jax has to keep his splint on (more like a removable cast) until we see the Orthopedist on Monday. Let's hope that Jax won't need a full cast set! Jax also has a feeding team follow up that afternoon too, so busy day!

It was nice to have a follow up talk with Dr H again about further testing for the boys and for Jason to be there too. Dr H has contacted the Genetics office at Children's Hospital and the clinic agreed they'd like to see the boys. I called to register the boys today and I'm supposed to be getting a phone call back in the next two days to schedule them for whichever specific Genetics area of expertise they feel is the best fit given the records our doctor gave them. Dr H said to expect a three month wait, so hopefully they call soon to get that set up.

The same will go for the Child Development Center once I get their paperwork and send it back in for scheduling. Dr H said it is a looong wait, so I'd really just like to get scheduled for all of this and file it way until November or December.

We've been given a friendly warning about how much paperwork we'll be filling out and what the Genetics appointment will be like. Apparently the specialist will study every inch of OUR bodies and faces in addition to the boys, and more than likely there will be chromosomal testing done and who knows from there. I guess we'll be finding out...

So send Jax-man some quick healing-vibes (and me some anti-anxiety vibes) please! I hate seeing him crawl around, but of course he keeps that smile!

I told Jax to show his boo boo and he did this...

Yup, they just don't stop wrestling... even with a splint on.

The neighbor kids pushed Jax around in a stroller to include him - too sweet!

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