Wednesday, August 8, 2012

School News

I spoke with the boy's new teacher and she seems really great. We don't know who the therapists will be yet, but I'm hoping they are the same ones Jax had in his class last year. The boys will be going to an afternoon class rather than a morning class and it will be a bit over 3 hours this year. Their schedule is MWF 12:10-3:15 starting Sept 5, so I'm glad to be able to start planning for that.
I already see that the boy's scheduled eye exam conflicts with school at the end of October, so I called to reschedule and there's nothing available during their non-school-hours until December. Um... wow, I guess they'll keep the October appointment and just be late that day!

I requested that Brady get an evaluation for PT and OT once the newness of the year settles down. I realized that he's never been evaluated for this since I always thought he was fine, but I guess that's comparing him to Jax. I've noticed his skills are behind other kids his age (scissor cutting, coloring, pencil holding) and then our chiropractor said that Brady's feet have been pronating out like Jax's and she can't see his arches when he stands, so I figured it would be good to just have some therapists give him a quick review in the fall to make sure he's on track.
I can't believe school starts back up in four short weeks already!


Jax with Matt

Batman and his sidekick

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