Monday, August 20, 2012

The Good, The Decent and a Bee Sting

The Good news is that Jax does not need a cast on his foot, or even his splint anymore. The Orthopedist said that the injury he had was fine to just use the splint for a week. I was glad to throw that smelly thing away! The doctor can't say for sure if Jax's braces were the culprit to his foot injury, but he doesn't think they fit well regardless, so he advised me to keep them off him until a new pair could be fit. He also is under the assumption that if a child can walk, regardless of pronation, that sometimes braces do more harm than good. Then he told me to not get him in trouble... so uh... ok. I'm supposed to do what with that info?
So Jax will have to go without for the time being and thankfully he starts up physical therapy with school in two weeks. He was quite the happy little elf running around like a free man today.

The Decent news is that Jax gained 9oz over the past 7 weeks despite having a stomach bug and a few other hiccups. That's just over a half pound gain, so he's up to 25.9 lbs. This says that eating 70% of his food by mouth is working, but it does still tell us that he NEEDS that can of formula by tube at night to actually gain weight. I can't push too much more food on him yet, so it really is just a waiting game until his body is ready to accept that much more volume by day. The dietitian suggested that Jax eat some puree snack in addition to his milk at snack time at school, which may help.

We worked on crumbs in Jax's mouth and his 'chew toy' a bit. He is really ready to learn how to chew and I think that would REALLY help his calorie-intake during the day. We need to get more aggressive with his therapy, so the therapist at the hospital is contacting Mr Nick (our private therapist who Jax sees each week) to work out a plan to really start moving forward with that. If Jax can consume just 8 more ounces during the day (which is 350 calories) he can wean off that night feed... it feels so close, yet so far at times.

Jax had his blood drawn after the Feeding Clinic to test for his immunization tithers. We need to see if he held on to the last round he was given 6 weeks ago. If he did, we can be done with worrying about that, and hopefully he'll have a better defense to pneumonia (in addition to his better preventative inhaler he takes daily). If it comes back showing a resistance again, then Jax will have to see the Immunologist and we're looking at some big issues. Seriously... let's not have "issues", so cross your fingers for us please.

Aaaaand for the Bee Sting. After a long day of appointments, I let the kids run around in the yard before dinner. The neighbor's nanny came over with the kids and they were all bouncing off each other having fun. Then Kate comes running around the house telling me Brady was stung by a bee in the front yard and I can hear him screaming. She said she saw it land on him and she got scared and he didn't know better, so he touched it.
I ran Brady in the house and the nanny kept Jax and the kids outside. Neither of the boys have ever been stung, so I wanted to make sure he wasn't super allergic. I pulled his shirt up to look at his chest for signs of breathing distress, and there was none. Jason and I are both allergic, but typically just the "gets really swollen" kind of allergic, and if not stung on the face or neck, no trip for a steroid shot is needed (although when Jason and I were dating, he had to do just that after his entire face and neck swelled up!).
So I called Nana Janice for medical advice. She had me ice off and on every 15 minutes and apply antibacterial ointment. Since the area stayed in control, I felt he was fine. I gave him a little Benadryl shortly after at bedtime to help him sleep and keep the area a bit less tender. Poor Big B, he was SO upset and whimpered like a kitten.

Jax kept saying BOO BOO and pointing to Brady's sting and his own Band-Aid on his arm from his blood draw. My poor boys. I may break our rule and get them some small toys at the store tomorrow! I hate seeing them in physical pain!

Brady and his boo boo

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Anonymous said...

One of my girls was stung twice in a week. The second sting swelled up quite a bit so I took her in to my allergy doctor. He told me that reactions to bee stings build over time, so I wouldn't need to worry about the next sting. If they are allergic and would need an epi-pen, that only shows after multiple exposures and isn't something they can test for. Hopefully neither of the boys are allergic!