Monday, September 10, 2012

Busy Busy

Yup, as you can tell by the title... we've been busy.

Last Friday we packed up the kids early and headed up to my mom's house with the trailer. My mom will be moving in a few months, so since my brother was in town for the day before going back to Texas, we cleaned out her garage. Les' brother and best friend took a few items that they wanted to remember Les by, and we cleaned out the rest. Jason and I hauled an entire trailer and truck full home to sort through. It's been quite the project, and not a project I was really emotionally ready for, but given the circumstances of mom having to move, winter coming and everyone's availability that day... it is what it. Or as I usually say here, Such is Life... Ce la vie.

We spent all day Saturday sorting through everything, taking pictures, cleaning and running errands. Well, I guess we did that all day Sunday too, but we also got our outside work done too. It REALLY cooled down for the weekend and we were all in jeans and sweatshirts outside. It was a nice change, but I see it will warm back up this week.

* My grandpa has been having medical problems this past weekend and was actually hospitalized for testing over the weekend. Please send out prayers for his health. I'll update when more information is available.

I thought this was a sweet moment. My mom and the boys feeding "their ducks" across the street during the clean-out. Brady has claimed Bumpa's cowboy hat...

The boys peeking at some pumpkins while at the garden nursery. I promised them to pumpkin-pick in October.

Sunday morning shopping for outdoor fall plantings.

A quiet moment for Jax "reading" his Tag Jr books.

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