Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Checking in!

Bonjour everyone!
We are on a train from Venice to Rome right now, so I thought I would try to get a quick update in.

First of all, the boys are doing well. We Skype each day and I love being able to see them. They are usually squirmy and only like making faces , blowing kisses and saying love you. They both have a cold, which we expected in the first month back to school, but they're doing well.

We had a great time in Paris and Venice. The cities are extremely different, so it has been pretty cool. Jason is in love with Paris, which seems to be a European New York with an enormous amount of history, except everyone stops for coffee or wine multiple times a day. I can only imagine that Europeans must wonder why Americans don't stop and converse/enjoy each other's company more each day.

Venice is an island of preserved history that most people don't actually live on (they take the train in to work there). The buildings, churches and canals are beyond words. We walked everywhere (there are only boats otherwise) and have been so impressed with how clean and safe everything was. All the pasta is necessary to  load up on carbs since we walk non-stop each day!

Everyone has been SO nice to us so far, so I'm hoping Rome will continue with the nice people. We have gotten by fine with just a few words of pleasantries of each language. The  time change has been hard, but we' re decently acclimated now... So just in time to go home and start over again on Saturday :)
Everyone keeps asking us if we're on our honeymoon. We say it's our 5 yr anniversary and we have 2 children. The looks of shock that we look "so young" is enough to make any 33 yr old gal love Europe even more ;)

I'm missing the boys like crazy, but know I'll see them soon. We have a CRAZY month of October to go home to, but I still get homesick for the little men!

On a funny note, I only have 2 "Jason moments" to report so far... He kept calling the euro, "YEN" throughout the Paris part, and once when we were on a bus touring the city, he went to plug his head phones into the speaker and got upset that there was no ENGLISH option to listen to the tour. I looked and his options were the French flag, Italian flag, British flag... Yeah. I took a picture to haunt him forever ;)

I'll update at home on Sun/Mon when I get the chance and try to put a few pictures up, ciao!


Matt & Shana said...

I'm so glad you are having a great time!! Just say a lot of grazie's, prego's and eccellente's and you will be good! Love the story about the headphones :)

ferfischer said...

Awww! This is awesome. I'm so jealous. We spent a month in Italy for our honeymoon and im so glad we did - not sure we'll ever be able to again! Have a great time in Rome!

Craig & Shannon said...

LOVE hearing your Jason stories;)Happy you are enjoying yourselves and all is well.