Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First day of school

Thank goodness I have something happy to write about today.
The boys had their first day of school and they LOVE it. I had 3 hours to myself to start in on the PILE of work sitting at the house. The teacher (Ms Barb) said the boys did great. Jax fed himself some pudding at snack time and drank all his milk (pediasure). I'm so glad they're back into a structured learning setting. Jax is talking better each day with words being said that I didn't even know he knew. It will be so great when Brady starts down that path. I'm sure that school can only help.

Otherwise, my family is still picking up the pieces of losing Les so unexpectedly. My brother and Jess (his fiance) have been with my mom since we left late Monday night (they live in TX). They're all sorting through... well... how and where to go from here I guess. I can't thank Adam and Jess enough for being there when I can't be these few days. He said "that's what big bro's are for..."

We'll be going back up (my hometown is 2 hours away... not convenient in times like this) all day Friday to continue helping with some things.
The stress and anxiety for my immediate family have been at all-time highs this past week, but we're starting to see rays of light, so I'm hoping and praying for some peace soon. We all deserve it.
Thank you to friends and family who have shown such kindness, it is felt so deeply.

My mom will get through this. One day at a time...

I would be embarrassed too if my shirt was tucked in this way. Yeah, I fixed it before going into school...

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