Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The daily and the not so daily...

So the busyness continues, but just in other normal life-ways. A quick update about my grandpa. He has an aneurism in his heart that is apparently not large enough to operate on, but it explains his high blood pressure and dizziness. He's wearing a monitor for the next 30 days and then seeing a Cardiologist to review. Good thing Grandma was a nurse and takes good care of him with daily blood pressure checks. Hang in there Grandpa!

I just realized yesterday that the boy's school pictures are tomorrow... uh, oops. Thankfully the forecast drops 20 degrees by tomorrow so I can just use a couple of the new sweaters I had gotten prior when doing back-to-school shopping.
I ran the boys to get hair cuts yesterday morning since they don't have school on Tuesdays, and since it was SO beautiful outside and they did such a good job, we wandered over to the zoo to walk around. Not only is this weather fleeting, but so are the times when I can take my young kids to the zoo on a Tuesday morning when most other kids are in school. I can't imagine there will be too many more times in the future after the next year that we can do that.
It was a quiet and peaceful morning of strolling around talking about the animals. I think I'm really loving the age of 4 so far.

I'm currently in the process of setting up the school bus system for the boys. I'm bringing the boys into the bus company tomorrow after school to get them fit for their harnesses that they'll wear while on the bus. They are SO excited about the bus, and I'm excited to save an hour and a half of my day to get more work done, so hopefully that all works out and they can start it up next week. Currently I have to leave 30 minutes before school starts since there is always perfect timing for a train, and then I have to fight for a parking space with my beast of a vehicle, then I have to walk the boys across a busy road and into their school and up to their classroom. This school is ONLY for preschoolers, 4k and kindergarten, so all the children have to be walked in - imagine the craziness! I see the kids coming off the bus right at the front door where the teachers unbuckle them and walk them in... I've been so jealous of the ease, convenience and non-stress! Sign us up!

In other world news, Jason and I will BE world travelers this time next week. We are going to Europe for our five year wedding anniversary, a total dream come true. Jason broached the subject with me before the holidays and had done research with a friend who had gone. Um... how SWEET is that? Jason promised me when we got married that we'd see Europe by our 10th anniversary and he decided that after the first five that we had... we should do it. Cease the day, Life is short, all these things come to mind... Our last big trip together was our honeymoon, and obviously we didn't have kids then, so I'm a bit anxious about missing the boys. We've never been apart after 3 or 4 nights, so... yeah, there will be daily skyping!

The boys will be with Miss Steph, the nanny next door who doesn't have her kids until 3pm now that they're in school, so she has the boys during the morning and early afternoon, and Miss Lyndsey is coming when she's done with her classroom and doing the late afternoons/overnights. The nanas will do the weekends. 10 days... wow.

You can imagine the prepping that has had to be taken place. I'm not gonna lie... I have a binder with 8 chapters all labeled and every.single.detail. laid out that we'll go over in detail at a meeting set Sunday afternoon. Yup... lots and lots... and lots of planning has been going on for 6+ months!

I've been feeling like this was a bad time to be traveling with everything our family has been going through, and obviously, I've been having a hard time with things. But as of today and some good talks... maybe it's a good time to get out of town next week. Like... way out of town.

Yes, Jax likes to vacuum his own mess after a haircut.

We learned which penguins were female by their arm bands and how to tell which penguins were 'mates'. Zoo keepers have a lot to say when there aren't any crowds!

Yup, apparently my kids can turn shyness off and on whenever they want.

The boys just pulled seats up next to me as I was typing and Brady looks like he's going to interview me. *And that may possibly be Jax covering his face because he got caught with his hand up his pants. You're welcome Jax!

They walked away for a few minutes and came back like this. Gotta love little boys!

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