Sunday, September 16, 2012

We rode a dragon

We have been outside pretty much the entire weekend - it's been so nice out! Yet somehow we've still gotten a ton of stuff done around the house. Why is it we all wait way too long to clean out the refrigerator? I'm always disgusted with myself when I pull out the shelves and drawers and see what has collected back there... seriously.

We took the boys to a park yesterday for a nice long walk, an impromptu paddle boat ride (in the shape of a dragon) and some playground time with pumpkin frozen custard on the way home - what a perfect family afternoon. I really enjoyed the simplicity and happiness of the day.

We've been working on as much 'work' as possible to be caught up for the trip that we leave for on Wednesday, so that's been plugged in intermediately as well. We had Miss Steph and Miss Lynds over today to go over the house and my binder of notes. I feel better after reviewing everything with them. Now... if I could just get the bus company to give me the boy's official bus schedule for school, my anxiety would be in a better place! Yeah... I'll be the stalking-mom over the next 48 hours calling the bus company.

I had the boys "practice" smiling on cue for picture day... Brady kept making this face and it was making Jax mad.

So Jax pushed him out of the way and came right up to me to show me how a kid should smile at the camera!

Then Brady got into it - my hams!

Yum! My friend Tamlyn makes gourmet chocolate goodies and she sent me some last week. SO YUMMY! Check it out if you need holiday gift ideas - The Chocolate Bar

Of COURSE we had a photo snapped. Come on.. we rode a dragon!

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