Sunday, October 28, 2012

All over the map!

The boys had fun this weekend with all the planned activities. We took them to Valparaiso University to see cousin Eric play football. He's the quarterback, so we get to see him play most of the game which was fun. The day ended up being much colder than we expected, so thankfully there was a lot of family there to add layers of clothing to the boys. They sat pretty good for the entire game, and only played musical chairs a few times moving between different family members, but all-in-all, they really loved being there.

Brady started a nasty cough this weekend. As of Saturday night, I was getting concerned because a 'bark' was starting to form. We were giving him a homeopathic cold medication for kids (Hylands) but it only seemed to help a little. Since his cough was still pretty bad this morning with a low grade fever, we decided that I should take Jax up to Macy's birthday party alone. Brady needed a day at home to nap and recoup and not spread his unknown ick. I've had a humidifier going full force in the boy's room for the last day, so hopefully that helps. I have a feeling I'll be running that machine now until April!
Jax and I had a nice day alone together driving up to Green Bay and attending the party. He had a blast with his little ladies Layla and Macy girl. He sat nice during the meal and cake, which has usually been a struggle in the past at parties, but this time he seemed to understand that he wasn't allowed to go back to the games if he didn't sit nice and eat. He did pretty good and actually drank his full cup of Pediasure with bites of his puree food and even a little ice cream. (I must say, the sparkling Barbie cake was to DIE for amazing... I thoroughly enjoyed all the girly-ness!)

Auntie Sidney sent us home with some surprises for Brady, so Big B was really excited to see us come home with those! Jason said that he and Brady had a nice chilled day together and Brady seemed to really turn the corner later in the day, so that's great! But of course... Jax's nose has been  running pretty steady since dinner time, so he's definitely picked it up, which I guess we expected. He also puked while drinking his milk at breakfast, which is usually his body's first sign of an impending illness. (sigh) This winter may be a continuous snot-fest around here. As long as I can keep the coughing away for Jax with his inhalers, he's A-Ok.

Playing football with the Hoffman cousins.

Jason and the boys with Uncle Rick, Kyle, Josh and Nana/Papa.

The layers just kept coming!

You know these crazy cats.

Eric with Jason and the boys after the game.

Brady wearing Eric's helmet - too cute!

It was REALLY big on Jax's tiny bean!

A bunch of the cousins playing games during dinner.
Jax with his lady Layla and purple tiaras (yeah, Jax is actually 10 days older - shorty cake!)

But look! He's taller than a 2 yr old! :) Could they be cuter? no.

Jax and Macy were two peas in a pod, adorable.

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