Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blanky & straight nose... where are you?!

We are wrapping up our week tomorrow and starting a busy weekend.
Jax has been saying tons of hilarious things, and each time he says something I try to remember to report to you all. Hmmm, yup, they escape me of course! The little stinker was up at 1am on Tuesday night very upset. We thought he was saying something about Brady, but when I went in by him, he was just SO upset. Brady had his blanket over his head trying to sleep from the noise and finally I realized what the problem was.
I saw Jax's blanky stuck between the bed and the wall, so he couldn't find "him". I grabbed the blanky and Jax immediately stopped and went to sleep. (sigh)... at least we solved the problem. He was up again this morning at 5am wanting to start the day... dude... stop it. Between Jax's wakings, Jason's alarm going off at 4am and my awful sinus problems and nose bleeds, it's been an awful week of sleep.

Ahh yes, the lovely nose bleeds are back and in full force. Lovely indeed. So I had a visit with my doctor when the kids were in school today and she put me on another round of antibiotics (ICK) for another sinus infection. She also had X-Rays of my face taken to see if anything else is going on. I should get a call for that in the next day. I've also been referred to an ENT to discuss the reoccurring infections and nose bleeds. My doc thinks I have a deviated septum which may be pressing on a vein. I couldn't help but laugh and point at my seriously screwed up nose-end. I mean... any of you who know me in real life can clearly see it's a bit messed up. It's literally moved over more in the last 5 years. Maybe I'll blame the recent speed of it's move on my pregnancy since that made my feet grow a half size as well. (hmm, I should crop in a photo of my nose to see if any of you out there with experience think this doc may be onto something. Ok, I will. Well, not too close for my pores and all.)

I have some seriously affectionate little dudes lately. They've been really into hugs and smooches with me. Um, I'll take it! They're plugging away well at school, and working hard at their therapies. We'll be going to Valparaiso to watch Jason's cousin (Eric!) play football on Saturday and then we'll be going to my goddaughter's (Macy!) birthday party on Sunday in Green Bay. Busy little weekend that will fly by with fun pictures I'm sure!

Oh yay, let's look at my weird nose. There is an "S" shape that starts at the middle and swivels its way down to the base. One side is much larger and the smaller side is where I'm getting nose bleeds. Neat huh? (If you click on the photo, you get to see it even closer, yes, you're welcome.)

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