Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Braces have come a long way since Forrest Gump!

We have been busy busy, but really, isn't that always the theme with us lately?
Jaxon got his new braces yesterday and he's very proud of them. Although he pouted during the car ride home because he didn't have "dancing shoes" like Brady. Hilarious. Brady wears some fun plaid shoes that are his 'dancing shoes', but with Jax's braces, it's hard to fit shoes like that on him.
So later that evening we had a dance party and I taught the boys a small routine of winding their arms and shaking their booties. Jason enjoyed the show when he got home.

We quickly ran home for lunch after the brace fitting and then headed back out to the pediatrician to have Brady looked at since he was on day 15 of a cough. It turns out he has a sinus infection, so he was started on meds last night. I picked up a neti pot for myself to try and fix my crazy sinus'. It's interesting how certain colds that run through the house affect everyone. Last year the boys and Jason got walking pneumonia from a particular cold, and then once the same cold gave Brady and I a sinus infection and Jax an ear infection. Low and behold... the same thing happened again this time. Now I'm not sure if I have an official sinus infection, but it's definitely not great with week three of symptoms and head aches, so I'm hoping the neti pot helps because I just really don't want to be on meds.

I had a nice talk with the boy's teacher last night about various things. She and the therapists are helping me with some of this paperwork for the genetics appointment in two weeks. We set up a parent-teacher conference for  November to review the first quarter. She's having the OT (Occupational Therapist) take a peek at Brady this week to give me any indication if there are any delays to report to the specialist. Brady won't get his formal evaluation until Nov/Dec, so they said they'd give him a once over to give us any informal indication of red flags they see. The PT (Physical Therapist) eye balled him and said she believes he will test at an appropriate level and not need services, but I guess the Special Needs Phy Ed teacher said she thinks Brady will test into her program to work on making his movements more "fluid and coordinated" to best prepare for 4K. We shall see.

The boys just left on the bus now and I'm about to get some work done. They have an early morning hearing test at the hospital tomorrow followed by school and then a flu shot on Friday, so we're looking forward to the weekend for a break! We promised the boys an afternoon at a pumpkin patch!

New kicks

Notice all the stickers. The boys got quite spoiled at the hospital by the Orthopedist for being good.

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