Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Broken back and hearts

I think it's taken all of 5 seconds to be back to reality.
Yesterday I had the boys all ready for school and out waiting for the bus... that never came. Yeah, it was an "in service day" and I didn't realize it. Seriously... already a day off, and obviously I had to deal with two very disappointed little people. That put a wrench in a very planned out day of work. But.. as always, such is life.
Today I brought the boys to the hospital to have Jax fit for his next pair of orthotic braces. He picked the exact same pattern that he did two years ago, but this time he chose green straps. Hmmm, I can already imagine these wild looking things. They should be done in a few weeks.

Jax finally goes back to Feeding Therapy with Nick today. He hasn't had therapy for the last three weeks because insurance denied him, so we've been working on getting that to go through. Jax has been approved for 13 more sessions, so we'll see how far we can get with that.

Other than a chiropractor appointment after school tomorrow, the boys should be free of medical appointments through the next week (which is when they really kick in).
Speaking of chiropractor... we are now the proud owners of this beauty...
Yeah... we now have a portable "stim" machine since Jason hurt his back so bad again. When we were on our trip, he was in a lot of pain, so he medicated with Ibuprofen and we crossed our fingers until we could get back. He saw his chiropractor last night and whew! He's in bad shape with a herniated disk and so much inflammation, that the doc couldn't even adjust him until it gets under control. So Jason gets to do these stim-treatments and ice several times a day and then hopefully next week the chiropractor can start some real work on him. He's definitely one bad day away from being incapacitated like he did a couple years ago. So for now, he's walking around like Egor.  And even with him in that much pain, *I* still had to be the one to call the chiropractor and put Jason on the spot while I was on the phone of when he was going in. If any of you know Jason... he just "doesn't have time" for that stuff - SERIOUSLY! I swear he would go to work even if bleeding from his eyes...

We've had to switch medical supply companies for Jax, and sure enough... it's the pits already. They delivered the wrong kind of bags that attach to his pump, then the charging cord didn't work and then it was exchanged with a cord that doesn't even go to our pump, so we're on delivery #3 in 2 days. None of which is a big deal, but during a crazy time this week, it makes me close my eyes and take a deep breath and dig out the phone number to call and get it fixed. And oh yeah... this company says we have to pay for the medical formula that Jax takes by mouth... again... deep breaths. Could always be worse...

In other personal-life-news, my mom is still having a very hard time with Les' death. We've had several tearful phone calls in the last few days. She's going through the struggle of getting everything settled, job-searching/interviewing and of course, just the uncertainty of everything.
I have such a new found empathy for anyone losing someone close to them. I didn't realize the deep soul wrenching grief on top of the mountains of paperwork, phone calls and frustration. I think I've always thought that after a few weeks people start to really feel better and are able to come to terms with the loss... wow, I was really wrong. I still wake up at night thinking about it, and from a conversation with a friend, apparently that's common.
I'm so serious about having a completely different view on everything and the empathy for others now...

I'll insert a cute picture here:

And here are the TRIP PHOTOS that you've all been requesting! They are a bit out of order since I downloaded pictures from Jason's phone after, so the first 50 photos or so are from Jay's phone ~

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