Monday, October 15, 2012

Dental - check off the list!

The boys had a fun weekend. I took them to see the movie Hotel Transylvania on Saturday afternoon and they really liked it. They were a bit more squirmy at this movie than they had been in the past, but we got through ok. I mean... Brady did YELL out "excuse me!!!" after he burped, which sounded like "DEE DEE", so no one knew why he was yelling, but alas, it was fine.

Jason took the boys up to Manitowoc to visit Nana and Papa for Nana's birthday lunch, and they saw Father Dick and even Great Grandpa Letts. I hosted a baby shower for  Rachel at the house while they were gone, but the boys got to see Auntie Rachel and Nana Jayne when they got back, so they were pretty excited about that!

Today the boys had their dental checkup and everything looks great. They had Jax in a separate room with me, and Brady out in the large room with Jason where a few other kids were getting their checkups (like last time we went). Well Jax did AMAZING. He never cried and the hygienist (who was the same one last time) did such a great job with him. She gave him a light up Hulk necklace to earn his trust (clearly she has experience with small boys) and she let him touch everything before she put it in his mouth. I heard new things OUT of Jax's mouth while there. He picked up a rocket from the prize pile and said, "A wocket mama! 3-2-1 Bast off!" Too cute!

We could hear Brady crying often out in the room, so they've decided that next time they'll put Brady in the other private room to maybe help with his anxiety. So the boys flip flopped from the first visit of who was scared. Maybe in 6 months when we go back, they'll both have a fun time without any tears.

So this checkup helps me with filling out the packet of paperwork I received on Saturday for the Genetics appointment coming up. They want dental, hearing and vision reports and now I know the boys have 20 teeth and nothing abnormal to report, which is helpful.
The part of the paperwork that I'm going to struggle with is giving exact ages of when the boys did the following things:
MaMa/DaDa (specific to parent) *This one I can figure out!
Single Words
Two-Word combo
#Words in Vocab *This one I can figure for Brady
Head control
Holds toy
Follows object
Rolls front to back
Rolls back to front
Sits alone when placed
Gets self to sitting
Pulls to stand
Stands alone
Walks alone *This one I know!
Feeds Self *mmm define "feeds self"!
Drinks from cup
Uses Utensils

So... do all you parents out there know the exact age that your children did all these things?? I will seriously have to SEARCH this blog for clues to find the answers. Since this is just a half page part of the 15 pages of paperwork, I need to get this started since it has to be faxed back by this Wednesday. I realized that the boy's hearing and vision appointments are after this paperwork is due, so I'm just going to have to write in the date of their appointments and call in the results. Although, we're expecting 'normal' vision and hearing results.
Hmmm, have I learned yet to NOT make those public assumptions? I really should... ((looking for wood to go knock on))

A photo of some of Rachel's besties before the party started.

Brady and Rachel

Jax kissing the baby


Merks said...

If not for my blog I wouldn't have a clue when my kids hit those milestones. LOL

Matt & Shana said...

Love the photos of Rachel thanks for sharing! I wish I could have been there!!!