Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hamming it up and taking small bites

Look at these hams up here!
And yes... I know... it's sooo un-artistic or cool of me to use "school pictures" in my blog header, but my artistic abilities, effort and time are not at their highest right now, and I die a little inside each time I see those cheeky grins up there, so excuse the use of the photos please!
Now I realize that the photos should be switched so Jax is on the left since most people will read the title and assume as much, but I seriously can not stay awake to re-do the entire header, so just so you know... Brady is on the left and Jax on the right! My beans!

Ok, so good news on the medical-front. Brady's Pertussis test was negative, so he was cleared to go to school today. Jax's lung check was great, so if he slept through the night on Tuesday, he was allowed to go to school, and he did! I called the teacher to give her a heads up that Jax had a dose of Albuterol before school and to watch him, and he did great. Although he's apparently having issues with snack time lately, so I'm going to try and send along a different snack for him to see if that helps. He has never complained about an ear ache, so hopefully the antibiotics are getting to it early.

We did feeding therapy at the house to work on biting and chewing and it went well. Well... for us it did. Jax was taking his OWN tiny bites of a cracker and chewing on his chew-stick to figure out how to swallow the cracker. He gagged/slight vomited a few times, but honestly, he did really well. I had Jax show Daddy last night and he did decent. Tonight, he was "eh", but we're working hard on it.

Jason has a crazy week of work and has been gone so much and sadly, he leaves first thing in the morning through Saturday night, so it will be just me with the little men until Sunday morning. Haha, pray for me :)

It's official... people are now asking how much older Brady is, look at this height difference... epigenics at its finest!

This "hug" went straight into a take-down tackle of course.
Some soccer in the yard!




Christina said...

I get the how far apart all the time my response is always 45 mins! Yet there is 15 pounds between both twins.
I asked our feeding team about the type of program Jax went into for K and they said no not an option as her GI tract is not getting any better, they told us she has dysarythia as her speech swallow issue tied to her CP (and then they asked if I had heard the word apraxia before uh ya on your blog they think J has apraxia with her CP) on the GI front any ideas for K's motility hers is messed from esophagus through bowels and they are just bringing on GI (turns out who I thought was GI was just a ped surgeon who does tubes) any supplement ideas would be awesome!

Michele said...

I think I've mentioned it before, but my girls were very disparate in height for the first part of their lives. They are not twins - they are 4 years apart - but my eldest was 10-15th percentile, many inches shorter than all her peers, and my eldest was 85-90th percentile. They are now ages 4 and 8, and get this - they are at exactly the same points on the percentile charts for height, weight and BMI. In other words, they are now identical. So Jax may well catch up - you just NEVER know! (My girls also share a birthday ... but 4 years apart!)

Robbie said...

One of my 2 year old triplets is much smaller than the other 2. Both his identical and fraternal brothers are in the 90th percentiles in height, weight and head circumference. He wasn't on the chart, then moved up to the teens early this year. I am proud to say he's now in the 30's for all 3 measurements. Will he ever really catch up? Probably not, but that's ok.