Friday, October 5, 2012

Have a nice day. Oh I pooped.

We've been plugging away at this week. I just finished up my catch-up work from being gone, and that feels good. We have a few small planned projects this weekend and a lunch-date at the house with the Bonins, but it seems like it will be quiet all around. It is SO pretty outside in our neighborhood right now... I wish it looked like this all year around!

The boys seem to definitely understand that Halloween = costumes and they have a strong opinion of what they want to be.  Jax saw an Incredible Hulk costume at Target and wants it so bad that he says, "Hull peeeeeeeze!" so we told him we'd look around for a Hulk costume for him this weekend (they didn't have his size). I think it's great that this TINY little man wants to be the BIGGEST super hero there is, isn't that fabulous?! When I list off all the super hero choices to Brady, he says YES to Batman each time, so I guess he would like to be Batman. I'm slightly bummed that I can't just continue to buy big fuzzy animals for them to be anymore!

The boys still L.O.V.E. riding the bus to school. They have their very own little bus just for them, but the drivers have been switching up. They had a man named "Blu" for awhile, so when we walked up to the bus yesterday and saw a lady, Jax said, "Mama, where's Blu?" I said, "You have a lady today!". He looked at her and said, "Mama is a lady!"
All I can do is smile :)
Then as I'm buckling him in he then says, "Mama, have a nice day. Oh, I pooped." Imagine this said in a tiny elf-like voice with a speech impediment and I swear it's gold-movie-magic!

Yeah, I laughed pretty hard too.

I had sent a note in the boy's backpacks for the teacher asking what their official therapy-schedule was at school. When the boys got home, I received a call from the speech therapist. She wants to get notes from Mr Nick about the boys history of speech, so she faxed a release form for me to sign. She said she's been pulling Brady out of the class each day for a 15 minute one-on-one therapy session, but he was getting upset with being pulled out. He apparently has started covering his ears, closing his eyes and pouting, so the therapist wanted me to talk to him a little bit at home about it. It's hard to make him understand why he's being pulled out so often. So I'm trying to talk to Brady about it, but I can't tell if he even understands what I'm saying.

Jax gets occupational therapy, physical therapy, special needs phy ed AND speech, but he only gets pulled out for speech once and then once for the phy ed class, but since it's a motor-driven activity, he doesn't seem to mind.

So the therapist and I had a very long talk about Brady and his speech. She said he is SO clear cut Apraxic that he needs as much help as possible and she actually thinks he needs DAILY therapy. Obviously I can't get that for him unless we were independently wealthy, so she agreed that going to the Child Development Center would be best since they would be the ones to actually 'diagnose' the boys with the disorder (we're on the wait list to even get an appointment scheduled). A school-therapist can't do it. She's hoping that with an official diagnosis and an actual evaluation from this center, the boys will get the help they need. She's of course (as we all are) concerned that Brady won't have enough communication skills for 4k or kindergarten... I'm not sure what happens if you don't have appropriate communication skills. She did mention that we will have to start considering "adaptive communication tools" for Brady to start using because he is clinically "non-verbal".
I'll tell you what... none of this is new news to me, but it's becoming more 'real'. Of which I will hold back my feelings for since it's not pretty and I'm beyond frustrated at the struggles for these kiddos. If I had any tears left this week, they would've been used up after that phone call.
We first will find out if the boy's issues are symptoms to some overall genetic disorder, or if these are all consequences of "developmental delays" with a speech disorder. Who knows, but it seems that time WILL be telling us sooner or later now.

So let's talk about ... messes. Um, Jason and I are decently "tidy" people. The house is usually put back together each night at least. Well, this week we've let the boy's playroom just stay a mess at the end of each night because we've been super busy and really tired by 9pm. We had the intention to always clean up "tomorrow". Well, now it's Friday and it's been an entire week. I just went down and yeah... a tornado of all tornadoes and I have NO idea where we will even start - but it HAS to be addressed TONIGHT!
 Enjoy our shame...

And these are just cute photos of the boys randomly playing with my old dolls...

Does anyone else find it odd that Jax went around the entire house FEEDING this baby, but he won't feed himself? Irony at its finest!

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Momma Bird said...

I by no means want to step on any toes but as I mentioned "way back when" I am a speech therapist in both a clinic and a school (I do per diem in a clinic). If you have any questions that you want to ask me please feel free. When I read about her pulling him for just 15 minutes that surprised me because I always do 30 minute blocks because that gives me time to get the kids settled and have a 5 minute reward time too. Also, I assuming she is doing some drill work but you can incorporate fun play stuff into what you do so that the kids dont even know they are getting speech. Again, I am sure the SLP is doing this but I also know like any occupation, there are good therapists, doctors, etc. and then there are those that are burnt out. Just wanted to offer some ideas, encouragement, info, if you want it!