Monday, October 8, 2012

It was a good run

Hello cold and flu season!
While the boys have had spring/summer/fall colds, I can tell the tides of change with cold-severity has come along with October now. The boys each had a cold while we were gone and have started up a new one already (I think it's from me) this past week. Brady has been up at night crying, but no fever. He points to his head and throat, so we've been trying to help with Tylenol. As of today, he's on day 7 of a cough (which is unusual for him), but he's acting fine.

Jax started up Friday night/Saturday morning with a runny nose and by Sunday, a cough also came... uh oh... a cough typically means ASTHMA for Jax since his daily steroids should typically never allow a cough to develop with a cold. Sure enough, last night he was breathing faster and harder and had a crummy O2 reading while sleeping. So, we're back to the good ole' Albuterol breathing treatments and seeing the doctor for lung checks. It's been since last JANUARY since any asthma/lung/pneumonia issues, so it was a good run.
We spent our Monday morning at the doc's office and low and behold... Jax has an ear infection, which I didn't expect without a fever or even a complaint about an ear. The doc could hear wheezing in his lungs, but the asthma was controlled with the Albuterol so far.

The doc didn't like the sound of Brady's cough, so she asked for him to be examined as well. I was always on the training that a non-asthmatic kiddo could go up to 2 weeks with a cough/cold without being seen as long as there was no fever/vomiting etc, but apparently not this season. Pertussis (Whooping Cough) is so bad, that the doctors want to see kids if they've had a cough for one week now. So Brady was examined and his ears and lungs were good. He had his throat swabbed, and it was negative, so she swabbed his nose for Pertussis - none of which Brady enjoyed at all!

The test results for Brady's nose-swab should be in tomorrow, but we'll be back at the office regardless because Jax has to have a lung-check to gauge today to tomorrow to make sure he's on the right track. He's getting an antibiotic twice daily for his ear, Albuterol every 4 hours for the lungs, and then an extra dose of his preventative Flovent inhaler as extra backup. Hopefully tomorrow's appointment is good and at least Brady can go back to school on Wednesday (the doc said he couldn't go until we get the results back).

Both boys are still decently spunky, so we just need to weather the asthma-storm it seems! And no, I don't miss asthma!

The boys got their costumes on Sunday and they've been wearing them every second since purchased! Here is Brady wearing Jax's costume and posing for me!

I know you're smiling!

Jax was wearing Brady's costume and going for a ride.

My new favorite machine in the whole world! I couldn't take our old unreliable clunky pulse ox machine anymore, and got this nifty little guy Sunday night. It slips over Jax's finger and gives me a reading while he's sleeping without any noise or tangled cords - I LOVE IT!

Ever wonder what Jason and I do on a Saturday night when we don't have work to do?

We reupholster our kitchen chairs of course! It's amazing what you can do with a 50% off sale at JoAnn Fabrics and a staple gun. And a husband who is willing to take apart chairs for you ;)

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