Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mild hearing loss, but we've got a "MM-AH-MM"!

The boys had their hearing exams this morning with the Audiologist at Childrens Hospital. Jaxon's ears looked good and the doctor said she could see an ear infection healing nicely. His hearing tested great and I got to check off NORMAL for his genetics paperwork that had to be faxed in today.

Brady's ears proved to not be "healthy" right now with fluid and negative pressure, all a likely result from his current sinus infection. His left ear tested normal, but his right ear has mild hearing loss. We're hoping it's just from the illness, so he will be retested in six weeks.  We will have to re-schedule that appointment if he has a cold. I asked if we should've just rescheduled the exam today in the first place and the doc said NO, especially since kids will be sick off-and-on all through spring now and often they still test ok even with illness. I guess we DID get 3 out of 4 ears!
She said I could not check off NORMAL for Brady's paperwork since we don't know for sure if it's his illness or not.
So I guess we'll see by the end of next month if there's really an issue there or not. Always something to keep me nervous!

I received a phone call from the boy's speech therapist before they got home from school. She said she worked really hard with Brady on the word MOM. She said he says it very choppy, but he definitely understands how to move his mouth now to each part of the word to make the sound. The therapist had Brady stand in front of the class to say it for them, but I guess he got shy, so the therapist turned him around and had him say to her so they could all hear. I guess they all clapped and cheered. I seriously tear up thinking of this scene.
Jaxon then yelled, "MY TURN, MY TURN! MAAHM!"
They've told me once that Jax likes to speak 'for' Brady lately, so I'm really wondering if they'll be in the same 4k class next year. Usually twins are separated for social reasons, but this may actually end up being their reason because Jax is getting used to communicating for Brady now.

A worksheet was sent home showing a pictures of the therapist's mouth making the 'mmm' 'ahhh' 'mmm' sounds, and our job is to go over it as many times as possible over the weekend to see some progress.

So I thought we could all track Brady's progress on the way to a full MOM!
Here is a very short clip of Brady working on it today:
He got really frustrated and upset at this point, so I cut it off here.

Brady during his hearing test.

Brady concentrating very hard on a painting.

The boys playing dentist. I'm just waiting for some bleeding gums...


pyjammy pam said...

Awww, go brady!

Krista Emmons said...

Pretty incredible that B was able to stuff that thing all the way into Jax's mouth!