Sunday, October 21, 2012

Soaking up fall

The weekend was very low key, which was so nice and needed!
Jason had a poker-night with the neighborhood 'dudes' on Friday night after the kids were in bed (and I got to watch a girly movie off OnDemand), then we all worked on some fall cleanup of the yard all afternoon on Saturday after a trip to the YMCA. All my perennials have been finally cut down and hauled to the recycle center. Jason cleaned out the gutters and the crazy leaf mess in general.
I had dinner with a few girlfriends that evening, and we all woke up to an amazing fall day on Sunday.

We took the boys to The Elegant Farmer in Mukwanago to meet up with some friends and find some apples and pumpkins. The boys had an absolute blast running around with their little friends and soaking up a beautiful fall day. We all left the farm together and headed to one of the homes of our friends for some lunch and a bit of the football game. We headed out early to get the boys their hair cuts and try to unwind at home a bit.

The boys have their vision appointments tomorrow morning, which will run into their school time, so I'll be running them over to their school as soon as they are done. I know I can pack a lunch and have Brady eat it in the car during the drive, but I'm not sure how to get Jax to eat a meal between the appointment and being late for school. Hmmm, I guess I'll be figuring that out!

Jax with our neighbor 'Kate'. It's his lady.

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